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3 new ways of wearing a silk scarf

Sometimes, all you need to completely change your look is the right accessory. Scarves are great for that. But it isn’t always easy to know how to tie them without looking like your grandmother. Everydayme shows you three original and trendy ways to twist your look in no time.


1. The headband: chic and original, whatever your hair length, it brightens your look and opens up your face. Even more so if you match your makeup to its colours.



Choose a square silk scarf and fold it in two, diagonally. Continue to fold from the tips to make a headband of approximately 4 cm.


Tie it around your head starting at the back of your neck.




Tightly tie it on the top of your head and make a small knot with the two tips of the headband.


Tie it behind your head, and there you have it.


2. The Pirate Headband: this season’s best chic and bohemian trend. It looks best with long hair worn loose.


The scarf must be square and as long as your hair so that it nicely matches your hair length. Start by folding it diagonally.


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Place the scarf on top of your head and check that it falls evenly on each side.



Tie the two tips on top of the triangle formed by the scarf. Make a tight knot so that it won’t fall off later on. Et voila! It looks even better if the scarf’s ends fall on one side of your face.


3. The necklace: the most distinctive look. It works great to twist one of your tops or dresses. The scarf’s pattern doesn’t matter, as it’ll be unrecognizable when folded. But the more colors it has the better it will look.


Same as for the headband, fold the scarf until you get a 4 to 5 cm wide band. Make a simple knot at about one-third of the band.


Make 2 more knots, one in the middle and one in the last third of the band.


The result is three equally spaced knots, as if you had three beads on a necklace.
Tie the scarf around your neck with a nice bow. Isn’t it as elegant as a real piece of jewelry?


The scarf is definitely an indispensable accessory to revamp your wardrobe. And remember: silk has the double bonus of providing heat in winter while being lightweight in summer. Use these tips all year long !

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