10 Ways To Shine For That Special Occasion

Preparing for a romantic dinner, a gala event or a charity ball? Here are some tips and must-dos to help you look your best for that special occasion.

It could be an anniversary dinner, a gala ball event, a wedding dinner to attend, or perhaps it’s your own wedding day – here are some tips and must-dos on primping and making yourself look your best for that special occasion!

1. Clear your work and schedule some time to relax
The last thing you’ll want is to stay up all night before your big event because of unfinished work or pressing schedules. Plan your work early, delegate if necessary and set aside some time to pamper yourself and relax on the days leading to the special occasion. For mothers, if you have grown up children, you could assign them some chores... or hire a part time maid to help out with the housework!

2. Get a massage, a facial, or a manicure
Get a facial one week before the special occasion, a massage 2 days before the special occasion and if you can find time to, squeeze in that manicure and/or pedicure! Spread them out over the week so that you will enjoy yourself instead of rushing, but if you are pressed for time then it is better to find a place where all 3 services are available so that you can get it all done at one go.

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Tip: Pick a neutral manicure which would suit your outfit if you have yet to pick one. French tips are always elegant and a classic which will go with almost anything.

ways to shine

: Rather than nail salons, you can always look for home based salons as they usually are nail technicians with excellent skills, and the established ones would have a ready portfolio. Go for Gel or Acrylic nails simply because these will last longer. They may be more costly but but it actually uses up the same amount of time as normal manicures because it cures in 60 seconds under a UV lamp! And gel nails last longer than normal manicures do – so don’t worry about washing, scrubbing, and all that cooking you have to do – gel nails do not chip easily and will stay on your nails for a good 2 weeks at least!

3. Pick a hairstyle… and pamper your hair!
If you’re getting your hair done at a salon, be sure to book that appointment and make sure that your stylist can recreate on you what you had in mind. Pictures will always help greatly. For that extra special occasion, make sure you get a trial hairdo two weeks before your wedding day to give yourself ample time for alternatives.

If you’re styling yourself, then indulge yourself with a hair mask at home. Try one of Pantene Pro-V’s Intensive Hair Mask – it repairs weakened hair to restore firmness, nourishes your tresses by giving your hair that extra dollop of moisture. And you’ll also end up with a crop of great smelling hair.

4. Find a suitable dress… and then some extra help.
The best part of a special occasion would always be shopping for a dress. If you haven’t got a dress in mind, try flipping through magazines for inspiration! Or just waltz into the mall with a friend by your side and shop away. Pick a dress which flatters your body shape and is suitable for the occasion – if you’re going to a wedding and you’re planning to wear white, ask the bride if it’s okay first, because it is their big day after all, and you wouldn’t want to take away the attention from her.

Maybe you’re prone to water retention. Maybe you bloat easily, or maybe you just have a stubborn muffin top. If you need some extra help at keeping bulges at bay, why not invest in a girdle or a waist nipper? They also help to bring out your curves as they effectively cinch your waist.

5. Eat well, and drink more water. Maybe go on a detox plan!
Detoxing your body can give you many benefits. You’ll feel better, rid toxins from your body and even your skin will start to clear up! Drink copious amounts of water everyday to make sure that you have enough and also to prevent water retention. Contrary to popular beliefs (and myths), drinking water does not always mean you’ll get water retention – in fact, loading up on your h2O regularly will actually signal your body that you are drinking enough, and that there’s no need to retain water.

Try this: go on a water parade, and chug down a 500ml bottle of water before you brush your teeth. Thereafter, sip enough water regularly through the day. Remind yourself to sip water even during busy hours by keeping a water bottle with you – don’t wait till you are feeling thirsty! Keep up with this for a week, and you’ll find improvements to many parts of your body. And instead of avoiding water, avoid salty food or snacking after 9pm. Water is, and will always be good for you.

6. Smell fresh
There are scents suitable for every occasion, and the most important rule is not to forget or skip using one! You can stick to your signature scent if you have one, especially if it makes you happy. A light floral fruity scent will go with afternoon and garden events, and a mysterious, sensuous scent for the night. If you’ll be out for the whole day, pick a scent that lingers on for a long time!

Other than making sure you smell fresh in general, you’ll want to make sure you keep fresh below as well – panty liners are important too! Maybe you won’t smell it, but feminine odor can actually linger on your clothes. Change your panty liners regularly to avoid that, and also keep body odor at bay by using deodorant on your armpits as well!

7. Tackle hairy issues
Have you ever walked 800m to the main road and then while raising your arm to flag that taxi, you realize with horror that… you’ve forgotten to shave your armpits!!! Yikes! Set a reminder to shave yourself, as early as 2 days before the event, because nobody would want that happening to them when you’re all decked out in fabulous threads!

8. Wear the most comfortable shoes you have
Don’t sacrifice comfort just to look good. Make sure you know which are your comfortable shoes, and if you really must wear something more suitable for the occasion, make the ones that feel a little off, more comfortable! Use insoles, inserts, and test all of them out before the actual day, especially if it’s a new pair of shoes. 

9. Don’t forget to give your face a treat!
Make sure you cleanse your face well to prevent clogged pores and reduce the possibility of pimples sprouting at least for a week, and treat your face to a mask often to ensure that you have great skin and a great base for your make up to go on smoother!

Tip: Try Olay’s White Radiance CelLucent™ Fairness Whitening and Soothing Mask on the morning of the event, or just the night before for that whitening boost and extra glow!

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10. Get sufficient sleep.
Nothing better than a good night’s rest to recharge you so that you can have more energy to get ready for that special occasion! Getting up early will also give you more time to check on all the 9 points above and make sure everything’s in place. Now, go forth and shine

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