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Your body Bible: The ten commandments of body bliss.

If there is one thing we could all do with a bigger slice of, it’s self-love. Eat up!

Thou shalt…

1 - Feed thy skin: One of the biggest skin complaints, especially after winter, is dry skin. It feels tight, itchy and looks scaly. Skin needs nourishment to look healthy and a combination of vitamins, minerals and moisture will have skin glowing. Be as dedicated
 to body care as you are to face care and your skin will bless you tenfold.

2 - Honour thy oils: Associated with richness and decadence, oils have been revered for centuries for their remarkable healing and therapeutic properties. They’re luxurious, versatile, and a little goes a long way. Use them sparingly to nourish skin, preferably after bathing.

3 - Fake, not bake: The powers that be made self-tan for a reason: to bestow upon women an instant and safe way to get our glow on all year round. Whether you’re a “pale and interesting” or a “golden delicious” a myriad of creams, sprays, lotions and potions exist to keep you looking fabulous without fear of sun damage.

4 - Banish thy lumps and bumps: Whether you were blessed
 with a skinny frame or voluptuous curves, cellulite strikes fear in the hearts of all women, regardless of age or ethnicity. While the majority of the blame lies with your genes, regular exercise, a healthy diet and a few useful cheats will help you along the way.

5 - Uphold thy assets: As the years go by, things tend to go south, and we’re no talking about the swallows. It’s up to us to protect the gifts God gave us – and luckily the beauty giants have sent some gems from the heavens to help.

6 - Be more hands-on: Our hands are hard workers and can take a real beating if neglected. To keep them soft and youthful, keep a nourishing cream in your handbag,
 use a SPF daily to avoid those nasty sun spots, and slough off dead skin cells weekly with a good exfoliant.


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Thou shalt not…

7 - Neglect thy sole: Putting your best foot forward is easier said than done. Corns and calluses are abundant and occur more often than not on just about any other foot so you’re not alone. Pamper feet back into shape with loads of moisture-rich products and regular exfoliation (not
 to mention good shoes) and let your 
feet do the talking.

Tip: Use a nourishing foot cream or mask and wrap your feet in clingfilm before bed. You’ll awake to beautifully soft skin.

8 - Forget thy hairs and graces: It’s easy to forget about hair removal in cold weather, but with spring on its way it’s time to start thinking about all those shorts and dresses. There are loads of methods available to suit every budget (and pain threshold) just remember to consider the pros and cons of each before embarking on your hair-raising adventure.

9 - Abuse thy scrub: Regular exfoliation is essential for healthy, glowing skin. It helps the skin absorb moisturiser better, unclogs pores, and allows healthier skin cells to surface. But with so many tempting benefits, it’s easy to get carried away, and you can end up doing more damage than good. Limit your scrubbing sessions to three times a week and scrub-a-dub-dub your way to a silky smooth, touchable body.

10 - Stretch thyself too far: Whether from pregnancy or weight loss, stretch marks are one of the biggest skin concerns and often the most difficult to get rid of. The good news, however, is that while it is almost impossible to eliminate them completely, noticing them early and acting fast can markedly reduce their appearance.

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