23-day rescue plan for your skin

23-Day Rescue Plan for Your Skin This Winter

Make one easy little change to your beauty routine every day and in less than a month see how great you can look and feel this winter

With very little effort you could get yourself in super shape, so come the spring you’re ready to emerge like a butterfly!

How To Get Amazing Skin In Just 23 Days

1. Feed your face

Your skin’s needs change with the seasons, so it’s essential to adapt your skincare routine accordingly. In winter skin needs more nourishment and protection from the elements, so swap your regular face wash for a nourishing cleansing milk and ensure your moisturisercontains ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E and argan oil, which all nourish the skin without leaving an oily film.

2. Care for your cuticles

Massage a little cuticle oil into your nails just before bedtime. This will strengthen them in the long term and ensure they are well moisturised. When you’ve got a few minutes to spare, give those fingertips the spa treatment with our at-a-glance guide to Nail care essentials.

3. Pop your lips

Wearing lipstick in an eye-popping colour allows you to get away with a lot less make-up – perfect for when you’re in a rush. Try Max Factor make-up artist Caroline Barnes’ tips to find the right shade of lipstick, whatever your age.

4. Go for bronze

Bronzers are the perfect beauty product to help you fake a healthy sunkissed glow, so don’t just save them for summer. Choose a light shade without any shimmer. Using a brush, gently sweep it over the areas of your face the sun would naturally hit – your temples, forehead, cheeks, the tip of your nose, and along your jawbone. Check out our tips on new ways to bronze up.

5. Don’t forget sunscreen… even when you can’t see the sun!

This one is easy: simply choose a daily moisturiser with an SPF to ensure that your skin is protected from future wrinkles and discolouration.

6. Tressed for success

The start of a new season is the ideal time to cut a fringe, change your hair colour or go a little shorter. Check out the experts’ tips for easy ways to fall back in love with your hair.

7. Drink a lot of Water

Yes, around eight glasses of water a day! It’s one of the cheapest and easiest beauty steps you can take. Hydrating your body from the inside will ensure your skin looks plump and moisturised.

8. Lash yourself

Invest in new mascara. Mascara tubes are a breeding ground for bacteria, and after about six months the formula starts to break down because of the exposure to air, so buy a new one twice a year. (And anytime you notice a strong, rancid smell in the tube, throw it out immediately.)

9. Quit smoking, NOW!

Smoking decreases the flow of oxygen to the facial tissue causing skin to look sallow and grey. Also, the act of pursing your lips creates upper and lower lip lines. Read more tips on how to quit at NHS’s ‘Quit Smoking’ website.

10. Floss every day

Brushing alone only cleans 65% of the surface of your teeth. To reduce the risk of bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease check out our do’s and don’ts of how to Get flossy with it.

11. Strike oil

Facial oils are brilliant for replenishing, revitalising and regenerating your skin because they work on a very deep level. Plus, the action of massaging them into the skin helps with microcirculation, giving you a rosy glow.

12. Organise your make-up bag

Set an hour aside for a good old sort-out. Anything that looks or smells questionable should be discarded. Clean eye and lip pencils by sharpening them. While you’re at it, clean all your make-up brushes with a mild shampoo (this should actually be done once a week as build-up can lead to skin breakouts and infections) then dry them thoroughly, laid out on a clean, flat surface to air.

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13. Don’t overheat

There’s nothing so relaxing as a hot bath or shower, but very hot water dries out the skin and can cause broken capillaries and spider veins. Resist the allure of the scalding hot bath! Instead, why not try our easy ways to turn your bathtime into a ‘spa break’. Ahh, that’s better.

14. Shield your hair

Avoid damaging your hair by applying a heat protection product before using heated styling tools.

15. Clean your mobile phone

A University of London study found that an alarmingly high number of mobile phones tested positive for traces of E.coli. Not surprising when you think how we carry them and put them down everywhere we go. And to think we press them against our faces so regularly – yuk. Clean yours every other day by wiping it down with a special cleaning wipe.

16. Start using an eye cream

It’s never too early – or too late – to fight fine lines and wrinkles. Try our tips for brighter eyes and find a regular eye treatment that suits you, like Olay Regenerist Advanced Age-defying Eye Roller.

17. Use hand cream with an SPF

Our hands are exposed to as much sun as our faces, so – even in winter – it makes sense to protect them using a hand cream with SPF.

18. Scrub up

Exfoliating the skin on your face and body at least twice a week gets rid of dead skin cells, allowing the products you use to penetrate more effectively for visible results. Try these other skincare tips, too.

19. Get a night ‘nurse’

Use a night cream that contains retinol or glycolic acid: both ingredients are proven to be very effective in the fight against ageing, and are amazing chemical skin fixers that help prevent and dissolve fine lines, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture and tone, and even acne.

20. Choose a nourishing body wash instead of soap

If your skin is easily irritated or prone to flakiness then you’d be wise to avoid most soaps as they will probably dry out your skin. Instead, opt for a creamy body wash that contains soothing ingredients like shea butter, omega fatty acids, coconut oil and almond oil.

21. Give your hair a break

Even the strongest hair can’t withstand a full-on assault of peroxide or relaxers. Chat with your hairdresser about how to give your hair a rest for at least three months. This may require a different cut or a daily routine that will camouflage roots or unwanted waves, but your hair will look far better in the long run.

22. Mask it

Give dry and dehydrated skin a weekly boost with a mega-moisturising mask. You’ll notice an improvement in fine lines almost immediately.

23. Get on the scent

Try a new fragrance. Warm notes of vanilla, musk, amber, iris, exotic woods and white flower bouquets (including jasmine, magnolia, neroli and patchouli) all work well in the cooler months.

Finally… a little expert beauty advice

Once you’ve made a checklist of these day by day ways to improve your body from head to toe, sit back and read our expert’s beauty SOS. Then get set to glow!

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