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10 Tips For A Cool and Healthy Summer!

10 hot hints on how to cool down and look cooler

As temperatures rise, coping with sweltering summer heat and humidity leaves us too tired to look our best. But little ideas can go a long way when beating the heat.

Is sweating really good for you? Perspiration is the skin's way of cooling down. But that sticky dripping sensation doesn’t feel so cool. With an average of 2.5 million sweat glands in the body, there’s a lot of opportunity for looking all damp and wilted. Days of record-breaking heat with the weather warming trends make it seem relentless and impossible to endure without blasting air-conditioning. But there is relief.

When muggy weather slows us down there are quick pick-me-ups to bring relief on blistering summer days and nights and give new meaning to the expression “chill out!” The following ideas offer ways to minimize the havoc heat can wreak with our skin, hair and body.

How To Stay Cool This Summer!

1. Face-Quencher

How to achieve that perfect glow of slightly dewy skin when the climate is increasingly severe? Spritz your face with a spray bottle filled with water and chilled in the refrigerator. Since perspiration opens up and unclogs pores, like a steam facial, rinsing off is key to keeping the face clean of excess oil from the heat.

2. Hairdo Up-Do's

Try a ponytail during the day to get long hair off your neck and wrap a top knot into a bun for a sizzling evening look. Go for a retro 1960s French twist or Victorian pompadour to keep hair from sticking to the forehead. And for a casual option, try a single or pair of braids and wrap them around on the head at night.

3. Hat’s On

Protect your face from the sun at midday. Go shopping for a special hat that inspires you to stay cool and frames your face for a flattering look. Add a scarf or pin to a classic straw beach hat to dress it up. Check out a vintage store for unique, fashionable designs or try a men’s boater, porkpie or Panama hat. Collect a wardrobe of styles in different colors for every occasion.

4. Light and Lighter Clothes

Lightweight 100 percent cotton, gauze and natural linen clothing absorb sweat and keep you feeling and looking cooler. When working out in the gym, consider moisture-wicking athletic outfits, but keep in mind they are usually made with synthetic not natural fabrics. Also, wearing light-colored clothes reflects the scorching heat of the sun and reduces the sweat emitted by the body.


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5. Be a Fan of Fans

Keep air circulating in your home with a fan to create cross ventilation. Consider whipping out a pretty paper fan to wave demurely and cool your face. It’s worked for women over centuries. Find beautiful fans with works of art and fun conversation pieces.

6. Baring Your Feet

Swap your trainers and moccasins for sandals and strappy heels during summertime. As the temperature drops on the skin of your feet, so will the blood circulating in your soles, which in turn cools off the rest of your body.

7. Cold Creams

A cold plain-yogurt facial mask will hydrate the skin, instantly cooling the face. Yogurt is said to also have exfoliating properties and reduces inflammation.

8. Salads and Spice

What you eat can provide relief. Salads and other light fare are recommended. Reach for fruits and vegetables, which contain water and provide hydration. On the other hand, residents of countries with broiling climates, such as India, Thailand and Mexico, believe that hot spicy foods are cooling. The theory suggests that capsaicin in chili peppers helps us perspire more, and in turn evaporates sweat, to bring a brief relief.

9. Liquid Heat

Sounds counterintuitive, but surprisingly, science claims that drinking hot tea can actually lower our inner body temperature. There is a hitch: this works only if our perspiration can evaporate. If it’s both hot and humid, it’s better to stick with cold drinks. Hydrate by drinking water often to replace fluids lost through perspiration. Try a blended watermelon slush for a high-water-content drink that’s naturally sweet.

10. Chill Out the Pulse Points

Run cold water over your wrists for a minute and splash water on your temples to lower inner temperatures. Make a cold compress of rice in a cotton sock, close it with twine and freeze it for two hours before bedtime. Since rice will stay cool, slip it under the sheets or pillow to feel the cool effect all night long for sound sleep.

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