The 5-Step DIY Home Pedicure for Beautiful Feet.

The 5-Step DIY Home Pedicure for Beautiful Feet.

Getting a pedicure at a salon is pretty expensive. But you don’t need to spend that kind of money anymore with this 5-step pedicure at home.

You’re a woman and if there’s one thing women can’t help doing, it’s pampering every part of their bodies; hands, feet and all. But before you go out and spend a bomb at some exorbitant salon or foot spa, know that you can achieve the same results by doing it yourself too.

These 5 simple steps will help you give your feet the pampering they need, all from the comfort of home:

Step 1

Start off the pedicure by using a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover on your toenails to remove any residual nail polish from before. 

Step 2

Next up, you have to soak your feet in a basin filled with hot water. Your feet should be ankle deep in the warm water. To the water you can add bath salts, lemon juice, foot wash, essential oils and a few pebbles. Now, sit on a comfortable chair and soak your feet in the basin for 15-20 minutes. This is the perfect time for you to catch up on some reading or your favourite TV show. Once done, dry your feet with a towel.

Step 3


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Now, that your feet are well soaked and dried, trim your toenails such that the nails don’t extend past your toe tips. Now use a nail filer and file your toenails in a single direction until they are even at the top and well-rounded at the corners.

Step 4

The next step involves exfoliation. Use a pumice stone on the ankles, heels and balls of your feet to remove all the dead skin cells. But remember scrub assertively, not aggressively.

Step 5

After you’re done exfoliating your feet, wash them clean and dry them thoroughly. When they’ve dried, rub a moisturizer all over your feet, including the cuticles. Next, remove any excess oils that may be present on your toenails with a nail polish remover. That done, apply a coat of clear polish and you’re done!

Pedicuring your feet has never been simpler or more executable. Simply follow these 5 steps and you can be sure to have beautiful and soft feet in no time and cost at all which will surely add to your d-day look. Apart from feet and skin care, mehndi also is an important part of your wedding day look. So check out 5 amazing bridal mehndi designs here.

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