5 tips for the perfect summer wardrobe

5 Tips For Perfect Summer Clothes

No-hassle style tips to keep you looking good at work, at the park, in the heat or out for the night.

5 Summer Clothes You Must Have!

1. Trust your denim.
Your one good pair of jeans or a long denim skirt could be your best friend this season. Mix with a clean little white blouse or T-shirt for laidback summer style at the office, with family or meeting friends. Add a bright, bold necklace for a casual feminine note.

2. Stash a pastel cardi.

Light layers are essential for switching between a chilly morning, the heat of midday and a post-beach breeze. Avoid retreating to wintry woollies by choosing one summery-coloured, cotton cardigan that will also look great over darker colours on evenings all year round.

3. Go hippy.
Floaty tops, long skirts or a sarong wrapped round your hips can add an easy dressiness in any heat. Smarten up by adding a dark coloured T-shirt or jersey that covers at least the top half of your arms, or strip down to a cotton vest in the garden. 

4. Worship the sundress.
In washable jersey and pretty colours that are forgotten in the grey months of the year, the sundress is a lifesaver for throwing on when you need to rush to pick the kids up. Find a cut and length you like then buy two – you’ll be living in them all holiday long.

5. One great belt

Whether you go for leather ’n’ buckle, glitter skinny or tassels, find one belt that suits your shape and keep it on hand when you need a fresh look for evening, a meeting or to just change the scene by easily drawing in a baggy T-shirt, a billowing day blouse or your flowery maxi dress.

Savvy tip
If you don’t have time to dress in a whole new outfit for an evening out, change into fresh undies. It’ll help you feel perked up after a wilting day at home or in a hot office.

Pass it on
 – your perfect sunglasses
If you do lots of sporty activities in the summer get sunglasses that wrap around for good grip and eye protection. Smaller frames might not block out enough glare when driving.

Choosing a proper dress for summer is extremely important as summer brings along a lot of skin care problems like tanning, itching, rashes etc. Check out home remedies for sun tan removal from hands here at our blog.


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