Summer Radiance

Summer Radiance

When the mercury (and hemlines) rise, make sure your skin looks its best.

Summer Radiance

When the mercury (and hemlines) rise, make sure your skin looks its best.

01) Get glowing: Self-tanners and shaving

Because shaving exfoliates skin, it's a must for getting a gorgeous glow. Whether you choose a shimmering bronzer or a moisturizing lotion that gradually builds a healthy color, exfoliating and shaving with your favorite Venus razor will help with an even, flawless application.

Depending on the formula, dark-tinted self-tanner may settle more in pores, so consider shaving the night before to achieve a beautiful, even bronze.

02) Shaving for the perfect tan

Shaving actually can help boost your tan by removing dull, flaky skin that diminishes a healthy glow. Always use an SPF moisturizer, but if you accidentally get sunburnt, give your skin a chance to heal before you shave again to avoid further irritation.

03) A beach-perfect bikini look

When shaving your bikini area, wait 24 hours before sun exposure to protect the sensitive skin. Since bikini area hairs are naturally coarser, soak hair in warm water and try a shave gel, like Satin Care Sensitive Skin. Hold skin taut so that it's level—like the skin on your legs. First shave in the direction of hair growth to shorten, then against the grain for extra closeness. Rinse the area in cool water to close pores—and moisturize.

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04) Summer shaving dos & don'ts

Smooth skin in summer is a must! Shaving hair regularly—especially bikini hair—and moisturizing often will keep your legs glowing all summer long. If you’re going to hit the beach or the pool, think ahead and shave the night before to avoid skin irritation caused by sun, salt or chlorine.

05) On-the-go smooth: Shaving on vacation

From the weird lighting and unfamiliar conditions of hotels to the close quarters and rushed routines of a family or group vacation, shaving on the go can be tricky. Get a great, close shave anywhere with the Venus Breeze razor, an ultra-handy choice with shave gel bars built right in. For another option, try Venus Disposable razors—just slip an extra one in your travel kit so you can get a close shave anywhere, anytime.

06) Shaving for fashions that bare it all

Carry yourself with confidence in any of the season’s hottest trends. Ultra-smooth, glowing skin is essential—a 5-blade razor like the Venus Embrace razor leaves your skin feeling smoother, longer.*  Underarm and bikini line shavers make sundresses and shorts seductive, courtesy of a shave gel like Satin Care Lavender Kiss.
* vs. Venus Original

07) The best miniskirt accessory

Step out in style with irresistibly soft skin. Treat yourself to a little extra TLC with the Venus Embrace razor. It gently sweeps away dull, dry skin as you shave, resulting in fabulous, radiant legs to accessorize your style.

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