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Dos and Don'ts of Facial Skin Care

Redness, itching, tightness, inflammation... sensitive skin can suffer in so many ways, so what are the best products to use to care for sensitive skin, what make-up should you go for and what should you avoid? Here are a few simple and effective solutions for everyday use.

Facial skincare: Do's and Don'ts


Stage 1: Cleansing

Stage 2: Moisturising

Stage 3: Make-up


Use micellar water or a milk make-up remover.



Spray your face with a thermal spring water atomiser. 



Gently pat your face dry using a tissue.

Apply a special hypo-allergenic fragrance-free cream for sensitive skin, enriched with soothing agents (such as allantoin, bisabolol, propolis, aloe vera, provitamin B5, etc.) and containing sun protection.


Go for a richer texture in the winter months and a lighter, more fluid product for the summer.

Choose make-up products that are specially-designed for sensitive skin, which are often rich in thermal spring water.


Organic make-up is also a good alternative since it is paraben, colourant and synthetic fragrance-free.


Mineral make-up is another option since it contains natural ingredients, such as titanium dioxide, a natural sun filter, zinc oxide, which conceals imperfections and redness, and mica, which controls skin reactions.


Avoid gels and cleansing oils that require rinsing with water. Limestone is a big no-no where sensitive skin is concerned.


Scrubs will be too abrasive for a delicate epidermis, so choose an exfoliant product containing fruit acids, for example, instead (a maximum of once a week).

Avoid changing your day cream constantly as sensitive skin is very often allergic.

Avoid 'long-lasting' foundations which have the effect of suffocating sensitive skin.


Avoid vibrant blushers that will only serve to highlight the problem.


Do not use products that are past their best-before date.


Avoid using a latex sponge to apply your make-up as this may spark an allergy.

This facial care tips will ensure that you maintain healthy skin all year round. Well, when it comes to beauty benefits, one ingredient that you can always count on is ghee. Check out 15 benefits of ghee for skin, hair & health here at our blog.

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