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How To Get Sleek Straight Hair

A quick guide to how to get sleek straight hair & keep them healthy and gorgeous.

What’s great about straight hair is that it enables the natural oils to travel readily and evenly down the hair shafts. Besides having an even shine, hair gets that natural protective coating that keeps it from becoming easily damaged. However, this is also one of the greatest challenges to looking after straight hair, since it can so easily become coated with oil,  it could  hang in clumps and appear weighed down. 


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Here are a few quick tips to get sleek straight hair that you've always wanted:

1. Stay away from harmful shampoos. Proper shampooing can do lots to alleviate this problem. But even if your hair is slimy, you have to stay away from using strong shampoos. They’re able to effectively remove the excess natural oils at the roots of your hair, but they’ll over-dry the rest of your hair. Instead select a mild shampoo, and wash hair more frequently if required. If you need to use a stronger shampoo, follow with an intensive conditioner. What the conditioner does is replenish the oils removed from the remaining portion of the hair without causing the oils to build up near the roots.

2. Gently dry your hair with a towel. As you dry your hair, blot it using a towel. Fight the urge to scrunch up or rub your hair with the towel. This can result in breakage. Lay off the styling products as well as they can easily weigh down your hair.

3. Use a mild conditioner. If you’d like to use a leave-in conditioner or hair styling lotion, you should use something that’s light weight and preferably made from natural ingredients. They are often a little less effective than heavy-duty products, but they’re going to leave your hair lighter and be easier to clean out. Stay away from ingredients such as waxes, polymers, or lacquers which are very stiffening.

4. Avoid Curling Irons & Blow Dryers. When styling you need to stay away from any heat producing tool, such as curling irons and blow dryers. No matter what type of hair you have, it’s not going to benefit from being put through excessive heat. If you’ve got straight hair, these tools will give your hair that flyaway look. Your hair could have volume with the help of blow dryers, though. If you want to continue blow drying your hair, invest in a low heat, diffused model.

5. Invest in a hair volumizing product. Your hair should have that natural glossy finish if you use a good shampoo and are taking good care of your hair. Nevertheless, it may need some lift. You could add volume to your hair with the aid of a good volumizing product.  There are plenty of these to pick from, but avoid the ones that have a high alcohol content because they’ll dry your hair. System Professional Volume Mousse conditions fine hair, giving a light hold and anti-static effect so your hair is easier to comb with a noticeably silky shine. Its Bodyplus complex actually stabilises your hair from within, leaving your hair feeling stronger with 50% more volume.

6. Give your hair the tender care they deserve. No matter what styling products or tools you make use of, always keep your hair’s health under consideration. You shouldn’t sacrifice the health of your hair just so you could look good for a day. Give your straight hair the tender care and attention it really needs and you should have naturally fabulous and healthy hair shortly.

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