Shaving Myths Debunked

8 Common Shaving Myths Debunked

It’s fair to say that the simple razor has pretty much revolutionised the world of hair removal and transformed it in many ways.

It’s fair to say that the simple razor has pretty much revolutionised the world of hair removal and transformed it in many ways. Compared to waxing, shaving is quick, painless, and relatively inexpensive. While there are an array of alternative hair removal options like depilatory creams, epilators, and laser, shaving still holds its place as the quickest and safest way to get rid of unwanted body hair, with the least amount of pain.

Although razors have been a great tool to help tackle fuzz, there have been prickly questions raised about the side effects and aftermath of its usage as a long-term solution to hair removal. Let’s face it – there is no dearth of talk buzzing amidst the rumour-mill and endless debate surrounding the technique of shaving. However, it is important to separate fact from fiction, and that’s just what we are going to do.

Myth 1: Shaving results in faster hair growth

Hair growth is not determined by a razor or by shaving, but instead by genetics and hormones. Since the hair grows from the root and not the surface of the skin, the re-growth is not dependant on your razor or on shaving since you remove hair only from skin’s surface and not completely from the root. Other factors that could alter hair growth include your diet, medication, and physical/mental stress.

Myth 2: Shaving results in thicker hair growth

Since shaving removes hair only from the skin’s surface, it doesn’t alter your hair’s genetics. Hair may feel thick initially because we chop it off at the skin surface. You will have to give a couple of days for hair to grow out and taper.

Myth 3: A new blade/razor causes nicks, cuts, and burns

A safe shave is as good or bad as the tool that you use and the technique that you follow. Contrary to popular belief, a razor withblunt blades causesmore nicks and cuts. A new razor, with sharp blades, allows for a more efficient and close shave. You must replace your cartridges after every three or four uses.A new blade will never cause nicks and cuts if you apply the right amount of pressure (don’t apply too much), you can be rest assured that the razor will glide smoothly over your skin. Use the newer razors that have a flexible neck and curved edgesto avoid nicks and cuts.

Myth 4: Shaving results in dry, flaky skin

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While shaving, the razor also scrapes the top layer of dead skin, resulting in exfoliation, so there is really no cause for dry skin. If you put the right pressure, you only tend to remove the top dead layer of your skin. This will not make your skin drybut insteadwillallow a moisturiser to penetrate the skin. It will actually make your skin look smoother and brighter if you use a moisturiser immediately after the shave.Use a shaving gel/cream before shaving and a good moisturiser after shaving to keep you skin smooth and soft.Use the newer razors have a protective ribbon of moisture fully surrounding the shaving surface for a smooth glide, releasing lubrication before and after each stroke.

Myth 5: Shaving encourages ingrowth

This is not true at all;infact shaving is one of the recommended treatments by dermatologists if you have a chronic ingrowth. Make sure you do not shave with blunt blades and do not shave over and over again on the same area since that may cause trauma to the skin or hair.As much as possible, avoid shaving against the grain as it will only cause skin irritation and bumps.

Myth 6: Shaving should only be reserved for hands, legs, and underarms

You can shave every part of the body without causing any harm to the skin. The key is to use the right shaving technique and the right tools. To know how to shave your sensitive areas, click here.

Myth 7: You don’t need to hydrate your skin before shaving

Shaving on dry skin increases the chances of skin irritation, grazes, cuts, and burns. Shaving gives the best results when used on skin that has been lubricated with a shaving gel. Wet skin allows the razor to glide smoothly and easily over the skin, thus avoiding scrapes and irritation.

Myth 8: Men’s razors are better than women’s razors

Who says you need a man for anything? The Gillette Venus razor is the first women’s razor designed to suit the contours of the female body. Since the razor comes equipped with a rubber grip and is designed with blades that hug a woman’s curves, you can be guaranteed that the shave will be a smooth, comfortable one.

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