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Groom Yourself For a Romantic Outing With Bikini Waxing & Shaving Tips

Finally! A weekend (or a night) where you can get away with your sweetheart, just the two of you. Alone time is hard to come by sometimes (and oh-so important to your relationship), so when you have the chance to get closer, be sure you’re ready.

Your chance to get close

A recent survey showed that a majority of men (62% to be exact) a describe a woman with a close shave as sexy. So odds are your guy will appreciate the kind of smooth legs you get with a Venus razor.
Interestingly, that same poll revealed that women shave to feel sexy and confident. What’s confidence? It’s a sign of your inner Goddess—the part of you that feels completely at ease, so you can relax, have fun and really connect with your date.

Before you go

You want to spend your weekend with him—not primping in the bathroom—so do your beauty prep (perfect shave included) before you head out the door. That way, you’ll be ready for everything the weekend has in store!

How to shave to get sexy, touchable legs

The night before you leave, relax with a warm shower. Lather up with your favorite cleanser, rinse, and then apply a moisture-rich shave gel over your legs. A good one to try is Satin Care shave gel, which comes in several great scents, like Lavender Kiss, Floral Passion and Alluring Avocado. Choose whichever one makes you feel gorgeous! Be sure to shave with a fresh Venus razor blade cartridge (dull blades are more likely to cause nicks and cuts). Try the Venus Embrace razor, which has five blades and a protective Ribbon of Moisture, so it hugs every curve and leaves skin silky.

We don’t recommend using soap for shaving legs, since that could lead to dryness and flaking. And be sure to shave your legs about 2-3 minutes into your shower. That’ll give your hair plenty of time to soften (so shaving’s easier), but not enough time for your skin to swell (making it tough to get a close shave). Looking for another shaving alternative?

How to shave to get an ultra-smooth bikini area

Give your bikini area a little extra TLC. After all, it is a special weekend for two. For the ultimate in smoothness (and to prevent any unwanted ingrown hairs) exfoliate and then rinse before you shave. This removes the top layer of dry, dead skin and helps you get the close (and carefree) shave that you want.

Just like the hair on your legs, bikini hair needs a couple minutes to soften, so soak it in warm water for about 2-3 minutes. Next, apply Satin Care Sensitive Skin shave gel over the area. Hold skin taut, then use a light touch (no need for pressure) to shave. First, glide your Venus Embrace razor in the direction of hair growth to shorten, then against the grain for extra closeness. When you’re finished, rinse with cool water to close your pores.
Next, trim easily with the Venus Bikini Trimmer. It’s as simple as shaving—just guide it over bikini hair like you would use a razor. Plus, it lets you get the length you want. Check out the Dare to Bare video for more information.
Finally, be sure to moisturize your bikini area. Of course, you can’t do this until you get out of the shower, but remember to pat skin dry and smooth on a moisturizing lotion.

Also, check out the pros and cons of waxing facial hair here.

Soft, radiant skin

Before you finish up your shower, give yourself a head-to-toe glow. Exfoliate any dry, dead skin with a gentle body scrub, or even a washcloth and your favorite body wash. Then seal in softness with Satin Care In-Shower Moisturizer —smooth it over skin, rinse and pat dry. Your body will be super-soft and radiantly smooth.

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Finish off your night of pampering with a self-tanner. Massage over dry skin for a beautiful, subtle glow the next day.

Packing made perfect

You’ll share a lot of things with him over the weekend, but his razor shouldn’t be one of them. Not only is it unhygienic to use his razor, it can be downright annoying . That’s because his razor isn’t designed to meet your needs. But Venus razors are specifically designed for women to hug your every curve (even hard-to-shave spots), leaving skin unbelievably smooth—and your Goddess-like confidence soaring.

Disposable razors are easy to pack and most have convenient caps to protect the blades in your travel case, so even if you don’t think you’ll use it, toss one in your bag. Bring a Venus Spa Breeze Disposable razor and you won’t even need shave gel! This disposable razor has built-in shave gel bars, saving you space in your overnight bag.

If you love the close shave a 5-blade women’s razor gives you, tuck a Venus Embrace Disposable razor in your bag, along with a travel-size shave gel.
Your toiletry bag should include travel sizes of your essentials (think shampoo, toothbrush, deodorant), plus a moisturizing soap or body wash. You may also want to keep a few items in your purse, like lip gloss and mascara. Just don’t overdo it. Remember, you’re there to connect with each other, not to lock yourself away in the bathroom.

Bring your “A” game

Your guy knows you’re into him (you wouldn’t be going away together if you weren’t). Over the weekend, remind him just how important he is to you with your body language.

Whenever you’re together, face him. Sounds simple, right? But when your feet and belly button are pointed in his direction, he’ll know you think he’s the most important person in the room, the one you want to be with.
When you sit across from him, cross your legs and dangle a shoe from your toes. He’ll get the message that you’re up for some fun.

And don’t forget the obvious “I like you” body cues. Smile. Look him in the eye. Let your inner flirt show. Listen. Ask him questions. Use his name when you’re talking with him. These are all ways to let him know, loud and clear, there’s no place you’d rather be, and no one you’d rather be with.

Getting away with your guy is a great way to get closer. So when you’re finally able to put something on the calendar, make the most of it. Bring along your smooth legs—and your confident, inner Goddess—and you’ll be ready for anything!

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