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Ready for a Self-Tan?

Ah, summer! The season of skirts and sundresses....But maintaining an elegant look during the summer months can be demanding, and you simply have to have that perfect golden tan... The solution? A good self-tanning product, a must-have for the beautiful season! But how do you apply it like a pro and avoid those unsightly streaks? Here are our tips for salon-perfect results!

How To Get A Self Tan Perfectly

Choose the right texture:

For best results, go for a product which reflects both what you are looking for and what your skin needs.

A spray for those in a hurry:

This is the best solution for those who don't have time on their side. The spray is a very practical option, which will deposit a dry layer onto the skin and soak in quickly. Sprays are also non-sticky and allow you to get dressed pretty quickly after application thanks to their quick drying time (around 10 minutes). 
They also offer the added bonus of being able to reach parts of the body that can otherwise be tricky to reach, such as the backs of the legs and the back, without having to rub it in. 

A gel for oily skin:

Its fresh, non-greasy texture makes a gel quick and pleasant to apply and ideal for those with shine problems who want to mattify their skin. If you have dry skin, however, then a gel is probably not the best solution for you since it tends to dry out the epidermis. 

A mousse for those who can't resist a new texture:


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This innovative solution is particularly easy to use thanks to its light, creamy texture which melts delightfully into the skin. It provides better moisturisation for the epidermis than a spray or wipes would, and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.

Milks and creams for dry skin:

These are your classic self-tanning products which require a certain degree of skill to apply and take quite a long time to dry. They are, however, the most suitable solution for dry skin since they provide long-lasting moisturisation. 

Choose the right shade:

Choose a light golden shade if you want something you can sustain. 
The intensity of the tan will depend on how often you apply it. If the result is too light after one application, repeat the process every day until you achieve the desired effect, 
after which you should apply the self-tanner at least once a week to maintain your golden glow. 

Prepare your skin:

OK, so you've found the self-tanning product for you. Before you can start to apply it, though, there are a few little things you should know if you want to end up with a salon-perfect tan. 

Moisturise your skin:

Moisturise your face and body well at least one week prior to applying the self-tanning product as this will soften and smooth the skin and help the product take to your skin with better results. Remember, the better-moisturised your skin the more even the tan.
Tip: try applying a nourishing mask the day before to enhance your complexion. 

Exfoliate your skin:

Use a scrub just before applying the tanning product to remove all the dead cells from the skin's surface, paying particular attention to areas that are more prone to rough patches, such as the heels, knees and elbows. This will guarantee a radiant even tan. 

Let's go!

OK, there's no more time to lose! Here are the keys to applying a cream, milk, mousse or gel self-tanner...

On the face

Apply your self-tanner just as you would a foundation, spreading it from the centre towards the outside, taking care not to overdo the T-zone (brow-nose-chin). 
Since the eye contour area is more sensitive and lighter than the rest, apply an eye contour cream beforehand to maintain a natural look. 
Don't forget the ears either, massaging them with the excess product left on your hands. The same applies to the neck and the nape of the neck; apply the self-tanner to these areas with the palms of your hands to prevent any streaking. 
Once you've finished applying the product, run a cotton-bud or the corner of a towel over your eyebrows and the roots of your hair to thoroughly remove any excess product and prevent an orangy tint. 

On the body

For a streak-free finish, use a damp flannel soaked in self-tanning product. 
Start with the feet and work up to the thighs before moving on to the rest of the body. 
Finish with the rougher areas (knees, heels and elbows), without adding any more self-tanning product. 
When it comes to doing your back, the easiest thing to do is use a spray to help you access all those hard-to-reach areas more easily. 
If you have the time, allow 30 minutes drying time before getting dressed. Otherwise, use a hair-dryer to speed up the process. 
If you do make any mistakes, gently scrub the area in question (without taking off any skin) and moisturise. This will tone down the streaks. 

Using a spray:

Spray the mist directly onto the skin and smooth the product in with the palm of your hand using upwards motions and taking care not to rub.

Using wipes

When using self-tanning wipes on the face, use circular movements as if you were cleansing your skin, avoiding the roots of the hair and the eyebrows. When using wipes on the body, simply run the wipe over the desired areas 
and make sure the skin is dry before getting dressed (around 10 minutes).

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