Put Your Skin On A Diet

Put Your Skin On A Diet For That Healthy Glow!

Does your skin look older than you? The adage “You are what you eat” can work in your favour.

The market is filled with skin care products that promise youthful looks in just a few days. Do they actually do what they say?  If you want guaranteed results, there’s a simple solution which you’re already doing but can do better. Eating well!  A really good diet provides all the micronutrients you need to have great skin. Here are a few ideas on getting the right combination of foods.

Foods You Must Have For Healthy, Young Skin

5 Portions a day:  Five portions each of fruits and veggies – this is the magic number. The portions don’t have to be large. The more colour on your plate, the better it is for your skin.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C + collagen = great skin! Remember this and eat fruits like guava, oranges and any kind of berry.  Sweet potatoes and broccoli are good sources too.

Juicing:  There are some veggies like beetroot, bitter gourd and pumpkin that are absolutely born yucky.  But juicing them can actually make them delightful and you could even make smoothies or experiment with combinations.  

Dairy:  There’s nothing like a good glass of milk or cheese, but if you struggle to digest cheese and milk based products, substitute with oats or almonds.  Get your daily dose of folic acid and Vitamin E.

Balanced diet: Lose a lot of weight lately thanks to that fad crash diet that movie stars swear by? Bad idea.  Drastic diets leave you short on all the good stuff needed for beautiful skin, making it age faster and you looking older.


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Selenium: Selen… what? A trace mineral which is in fish, eggs and even tomatoes. Eat up – you will be happy you did. Nuts in the salad are the easiest way to get selenium.

Drink up:  Water, water and more water. The average adult human body is 50-65% water. If you’re one of those who drink only when thirsty, start making periodically drinking a habit. Keep a bottle handy so you remember. 

Fatty foods: Shocked? Fish and butter fruit have essential fatty acids and are great skin care foods.  Fats are great moisturisers, inside or out.  Omega 3s also work wonders if you struggle with eczema. 

LGI foods:  What are these and how are they part of the food for skin care plan? Lentils, soy and protein are low on the glycaemic index and keep you from crashing. Avoid sugary foods and drinks if you don’t want acne flare-ups and wrinkles.

Consult a dietician to get the right food plan depending upon your age, activity levels, medical condition and other factors. Like anything else, you have to stick with it to see changes.  Six weeks is all it takes to start seeing the difference. 

Take good care of your skin by cleansing and moisturising. Invest in good quality products and track expiry dates.  Exercise and sleep well. If all of this sounds overwhelming, it shouldn’t be.  You already do most of this daily. It only requires a few adjustments so you can look good, at any age.

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