Prevent Pimples With These 5 Lifestyle Changes

Prevent Pimples With These 5 Lifestyle Changes

You’ve tried every possible rule in the book that promises pimple prevention. Some worked, some didn’t. But even if some treatments did work, your happiness was short lived. Ever wondered why?

Sorry to burst your bubble but pimple prevention doesnot have a one-step miracle cure. Yes, there are thousands of products and therapies – traditional and modern – who make glossy, life-size promises. But the truth is none of these can promise you lifelong results simply because till date, even the best researchers in the world continue to be baffled by what causes pimples. Meanwhile, you experiment with exasperation while your wallet thins and your frustration builds up.

All hope is not lost, however. You’ve always looked at a pimple as an irritant you could do without (life is so full of them anyway). How about if you tweaked your perception,and considereda pimple to be that much neededreason to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Pimples are believed to be caused by many factors – stress, dietary habits, genes, pollution and a whole lot more! While most of these factors cannot be changed, the one thing you can definitely do is change to a better lifestyle.

Here are 5 lifestyle tips and techniques that can show you how to prevent pimples.

1. Stop letting stress control you. Learn to control it instead. Compartmentalise your work life and personal life and aim for a healthy balance. Block a few hours of the day to do the things you enjoy, even if it is as simple as reading a book, playing with your kids, or watching television mindlessly. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

2. Work out: It could be in any form – light low impact exercises, heavy strength training, yoga or even walking or running your dog. Exercise goads the body to release feel good chemicals called endorphins, which trigger feelings of positivity.

3. Eat mindfully: Remember mom’s warnings about too much sugar and junk food? She was right! Simple carbohydrates convert into sugar which creates an imbalance in hormones. Healthy foods such as wholegrains, veggies and herbal teas are more beneficial to the body and also up your energy and health quotient.

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4. Get up close with Omega-3:  They control the production of leukotriene B4 which can cause inflammatory acne. Omega-3 is also a great antioxidant and protects your body from harmful UV rays.

5. Drink up: Staying hydrated all day through with at least 2-3 litres of water flushes out toxins, metabolizes the food you eat and boosts blood flow.

As you will see, these little changes will make a big difference to your skin. You can also ask your dermatologist how Olay for Skin can help better your complexion.

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