Tips for Makeup Foundation to Stay Longer in Humid Weather

Humid weather can be the enemy of glamour, especially when cosmetics start to cake up or melt. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect foundation to stand up against the moisture in the air.

There is no lack of choice when it comes to searching for a good makeup foundation in the market. Department stores, websites and even drug stores sell makeup that you can use.

As your foundation is usually the first layer of makeup, having a reliable one that stays on and suits your skin is important. So how do you choose and use the perfect one to combat the muggy climate?

Know your skin type
You know your skin better than anyone, and you know what you need from your foundation. If you have friends with similar skin types, it might help to get makeup tips, or an opinion on what’s already been tested, though bear in mind that makeup can yield very individual results.

There are five basic skin types, but how well your skin works with foundation is also affected by your skincare regime. For example, if you have oily skin and are using an oil-control daily wash, it would probably work better with an oil-control foundation as compared to using a normal face wash.

Work with your skin type
Obtain samples from department stores if you’ve got some shortlisted options you’d like to try out first. When looking at product descriptions, keep an eye out for 'long lasting,' 'water resistant' and 'oil absorbing' when selecting foundations.

Identify how your makeup-free skin is like in humid weather first, then search for a foundation that helps with any adverse signs. If your skin is oily for example, look for a water-based foundation.


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Shiny skin can be helped with a matifying foundation that is also water resistant. Hydrating foundations are great for women with dry skin and are usually water-based, oil-free and are slightly easier to remove with an everyday cleanser. Using a makeup primer is also a good way to increase the lastingness of your foundation.

Techniques to touch up
Once you've applied your foundation, use a brush or puff to apply a thin dusting of powder. This acts as a topcoat, setting and sealing the foundation, which help to give it longevity against the elements and protection against the moisture in the air.

A common practice amongst women to tone down facial shine is to use pressed or loose powder. However, facial blotters are more effective in removing oil and should be used first before applying powder to touch up makeup. Blotting paper comes in tiny packages, perfect for your purse. It helps to absorb excess moisture, will stop the foundation slide, and can be used quickly and easily.

Whatever the weather, makeup meltdown can be avoided easily with the right tools and touch-up habits. Fear humidity not, and face the day with confidence.

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