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Make a fresh start…

Getting our skin glowing and our bodies and hair in tip-top shape means moisture – lots of it!

Top tactics

The health of your hair and scalp go hand in hand, and increasingly shampoos are becoming geared towards a more gentle cleansing of both. Conditioners, too, are aimed at hydrating the scalp and feeding it with the nutrients it needs. It’s all about keeping it gentle. A scalp massage has become part of the ritual to aid absorption and relax the scalp. And, as with skincare, delicious masks and serums offer higher concentrations of active ingredients to make the most of your locks. Leave-in conditioners are especially soothing and help lock moisture in and dryness out. Scalps that are tender to the touch develop red patches or become flaky and dry are usually suffering from stress. Try leaving your hair for that extra day without washing it to allow the scalp’s natural oils to do some comforting. Then treat yourself to a chamomile tea rinse, which is wonderfully calming and soothing. 

Body Basics

Your body needs the same amount
 of care as your face does. Just because
 it’s not always on show doesn’t mean
 you shouldn’t cleanse, exfoliate and nourish it from top to toe. Drink at
 least two litres of water a day to prevent dehydration and feed your skin loads of
 moisture via pampering body lotions.
 Keep skin smooth and receptive to 
body creams with light body brushing 
in the morning. Lightly sweep the
 bristles across the surface of your skin to
 stir up circulation and slough away dead
cells. You’ll find skin soon starts looking
 more toned and clear. Take special care of the breast area. Here, you need a little bust cream. Use 
the moment to check that your breasts
 feel normal then sweep the lotion
 upwards to get the full benefit of its 
firming effects.


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An extra treat…

Spas offer a host of cleansing, detoxifying and purifying treats. The sauna is great because sweating eliminates toxins from the body, and it helps to clean out the fat cells. Drink plenty of water during your session to give your body a healthy flushing. A lymphatic drainage massage is yet another option to speed up the elimination of toxins. The pressure is feather light and stimulates better functioning of the lymphatic system. A dip in the hydrotherapy bath will also encourage lymph flow via pressurised jets of water. 

Face Facts

Moisture is the single most important thing your skin
 needs. Unfortunately too much holiday sun, winds, unhealthy
 food and alcohol contribute to
 moisture loss. Older skins, in particular, suffer. As hormonal levels wane, sebaceous glands in the skin
 no longer produce the levels of sebum, which helps to nourish the epidermis and fuses with skin cells to create 
a barrier against moisture loss, they once did. As levels
 drop, this barrier becomes impaired, allowing irritants to
 penetrate and triggering sensitivities. Sensitive skin is possibly the most common ailment
 of older skins, and is a message that the skin is not coping. Skin that becomes drier with age is also more prone 
to eczema and rosacea – the obvious red flush that shows
 up across cheeks, forehead and the chin, which is easily 
triggered by diet (especially spicy foods), alcohol, the 
sun and, of course, stress.

The skin has a natural capacity to heal itself, but we have a
 tendency to throw too many products at it in order to
 counteract the symptoms of irritation and dehydration,
 rather than exploring the causes of these problems with a dermatologist. Always handle your
 skin with care. You can over-stimulate your
 skin not only with over active products but also with 
overzealous scrubbing and washing. When it comes to choosing products to restore
 moisture to your skin, look for those containing plant
 and vegetable oils that help to mimic sebum in the skin
– shea butter, avocado oil and grape seed oil, for example are natural partners in the fight to preserve moisture.

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