Knowing the Common Causes Of Pimples Makes Prevention Easy

Knowing the Common Causes Of Pimples Makes Prevention Easy

Pimple. Zit. Spot. Whatever it’s known as, it’s known to elicit a universal response: aaaaaaaaaarrrghhh!!!

The one thing you hatethe most about pimples (not that there’s any reason to like them at all) is that however hard you try to prevent them, they still show up like an unwanted guest! Now you’ve had enough fingers pointing at your diet, lifestyle, hormones, weather, genes, pollution and everything else that seem remotely possible, but the truth is nobody really knows what causes pimples. The problem could be internal or external, physiological or psychological,or just a case of bad luck! Whatever the reason, remember one thing,it’s not your fault.

What are the causes of pimples?

A pimple occurs when excessive sebum gets trapped in the pores. Sebum is the oil that keeps your skin moist and supple; it is produced by sebaceous glands which exist within hair follicles. So how does sebum get trapped? Well, our skin constantly sheds old dead cells, but if the shedding is erratic, some cells stick to the skin’s natural oil and plug the pore. The skin, oblivious to this, continues to produce its normal quota of oil and due to the outlet being blocked, begins to swell. This triggers the body’s immune system intoproducing white blood cells to attack the bacteria, and out comes a pimple!

Enough of this medical mumbo jumbo. Let’s see what the common causes of pimples are:

1. Spices and food allergies: Spicy foodis usually cooked with chillies and tomatoes; these contain acidic lycopene which can affect the skin’s pH, triggering breakouts. Food allergies are equal culprits, especially if you’re lactose intolerant or allergic to seafood, certain kinds of vegetables and any other foods.

2. Cosmetics: If they contain pore-clogging ingredients mineral oil and silicone, avoid.

3. Hair products: Ingredients such as sulfates (cleansing agents), silicones and heavy moisturizing agentswhich are present in hair cleansers, conditioners and stylers can creep into your pores and block them.

4. Smoking: Not only does smoking reduce the supply of oxygen to your face (making you look older), but the carcinogens dry the skin goading it to produce more oil. And we all know what happens with that.

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5. Rough and excessive exfoliating: Exfoliation is good but when done with a vengeance, can spread the bacteria across the skin.

6. Picking at your pimple: Apart from being a disgusting habit, you could just end up pushing the bacteria in further or spreading it around your skin.

7. Stress:Skin produces stress hormones like cortisol when sensing pressure. This pushes the oil glands to produce testosterone, which further aggravates oil production and clogs pores.

8. Unhygienic habits: Not bathing or washing your face after a workout makes the dirt and bacteria that was already present mix with sweat and settle comfortably into your pores, which have now been opened up by the workout.

And yes, this one’s a weird one:

9. Constantly touching your face or using your hand as a chin rest: It directly transfers the bacteria from hand to the face.

Well, now that you know the pimple causes, you know how to avoid them. To keep your skin clear, fresh and looking young, you could also use a suitable variant of Olay.

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