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In search of silky soft skin?

The cosmetic shelves are full of body creams, butters and oils. Learn more about each one’s role and when you should use them.

Moisturise your skin daily, and don’t miss a millimetre. 

Your skin can easily become dry, rough and scaly if you don’t pamper it. This is because on large sections of your body there are no oil glands to help keep the skin moist and soft. Your forearms, hands and legs for instance have fewer oil glands than your back. The ideal time to apply body products is just after a bath or shower, when your skin is still damp and will absorb the moisturiser. You’ll reap the benefits if you’re disciplined about keeping your skin moisturised. 

What about a cream with perfume?

Build a layer-on-layer fragrance cloud for yourself by using the body products of your favourite perfume or eau de toilette. However, if your skin is sensitive to fragrances and preservatives, or if you’re allergic to perfume, it is better to choose a product that is suitable for sensitive skin.

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Body oils

Body oils have for decades been the best-kept secret of the luxurious body care routine of French women. It has a finer texture and smaller molecules than lotions or creams. This means the oil is absorbed more quickly and deeper into the epidermis. The secret is to apply the oil to damp skin after a bath or shower, to allow it a few seconds to be absorbed and then to seal in the moisture with a lotion or body butter. In this way you deal with any dryness, itching or roughness and protect your skin against dehydration all day.
Modern body oils are not at all oily, many of them are described as ‘dry oils‘ and are so fine you can spritz them on.

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Lotions tend to have a milky or gel texture and are very fluid. A body lotion is easy to apply, it sits lightly on the skin and is quickly absorbed; you don’t need to wait before getting dressed. It’s the ideal choice if your skin is oily, as the formulations contain less oil and more water. Many lotions often not only moisturise but also help keep your skin and body parts young and firm thanks to ingredients such as Q10, the latest wonder ingredient in the fight against skin ageing.

Body butters

These thick, nourishing, rich creams or butters feed the skin more intensely than a lotion does. They are not fluid and take a bit more work to rub into the skin. They’re particularly good for rough elbows, knees, the décolletage, heels, forearms and calves. Apply the butter to damp skin then give the skin time (about three minutes) to absorb the cream while you do your makeup, and your skin will be soft and moisturised the whole day.


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Tip: Use a spatula to scoop out your body butter as every time you plunge your fingers into the pot you spread bacteria and shorten the life span and efficacy of   your product.

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