How to Rejuvenate Skin with 5 Natural Ingredients

Learn How To Rejuvenate Skin With These 5 Essential Home Remedies

Want the movie-star skin without the effort to show for it? Read on, there is hope.

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So, you feel like your skin is seriously letting you down? It’s patchy, dull, lifeless, showing the first signs of ageing and, well, fill in complaint of choice. You’re on the right page. You are now officially part of the sisterhood. It’s alright. We’re all upset. We grew up in this 90s soap-commercial-fuelled dream of a happy family with the little girl rubbing her nose against her mother’s, telling her how utterly ravishing she was and how she wanted to grow up to have skin just like hers. This lifelong exposure to Indian pop culture has led us to expect superhuman things of our appearance such as glowing skin.

A moment’s silence for how ridiculous that actually sounds. 

But since we cannot erase years of conditioning with one paragraph on the subject of bizarre beauty standards, let’s discuss something more useful.

Like how to get that glowing skin without too much effort. Because well, as established early on, you want the glow without the sweat. You’re also probably guilty of buying skincare products that you never use and letting them remain in the closet way past expiry, asking all kinds of existential questions. So how do you rejuvenate face skin?

Without further ado, here’s the How to Rejuvenate Skin 101 for busy women. Best before your daily skin care routine:  

5 Natural Ingredients that Rejuvenate Your Skin

#1 Cucumber:

  • Easy. Cut a few slices of cucumber and set them aside while making salad.
  • Place them on your eyes after every three hours of sitting in front of your computer.
  • It not only has the most soothing effect on tired and overworked eyes, making you feel instantly fresh, but cucumber juice is also excellent for dark circles.
  • You’ll find that regular use will go a long way in preventing and managing dark circles.

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#2 Tomatoes:

  • You’ll need just one thick slice of tomato.
  • Apply it directly on your face and scrub gently as you would if it were a ball of cotton. This is going to get messy, of course, but the point is to achieve movie star skin with the least amount of effort, yes?
  • Alternatively, you can squeeze the juice out of the slice, dip a cotton ball in it and neatly apply it to your face.
  • Leave it on for ten minutes for effective tan removal and that instant brightness we’re so in love with.

#3 Watermelon:

  • Again, if you can get past the mess, watermelon juice, like cucumber juice, is loaded with antioxidants and is great for skin rejuvenation.
  • For best effects, blend it with a few drops of lemon juice and apply liberally on your face and neck.
  • You should notice an immediate difference, which only gets better with everyday use.

#4 Water:

  • You can’t say it enough. If you feel like your skin isn’t loving you back, chances are, it isn’t feeling the love from you! And considering how simple it is to get this done, it’s a surprise we need to be told so often: Drink lots of water!
  • You’ll need it to regularly flush out the toxins you take in just by breathing.
  • So make sure you’re getting your daily fix.

#5 Sleep: It isn’t called beauty sleep for nothing, you know? Ensure that you get those eight uninterrupted hours and report back with the difference in the way you look and feel. Sheer magic.

So, that’s about it. These home remedies for skin rejuvenation should be performed once a week. Well, there really isn’t a limit to the number of little rituals you can follow to rejuvenate skin on a regular basis but baby steps, my darlings. Here’s to glowing skin – not because we have to, not because we’ve been primed to, but because we can!

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