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How to Maintain Your Nails: Keep them Healthy & Strong

With the right care, you can grow and maintain strong, healthy nails with the length you desire.

How to maintain your Nails - A Step by Step Guide

1. Choose your nail color.

There is no shortage of nail colours. Choose a matte or gloss that will suit your make-up and co-ordinate with your clothes.

2. Do not file your nails right after you take a shower

 Always remember to file in one direction & avoid back and forth filing. This may weaken your nails. Dark colours look better on short nails.

3. Nourish the nail cuticles.

Push back your cuticles and keep them well nourished with a cuticle oil or balm. Raggedy cuticles spoil painted nails.

maintain your nails maintain your nails Choose and file Push cuticles

4. Protect your nails with a good hand cream.

Apply a good hand cream – especially in winter, because exposed hands become dry and rough. Always use one with an SPF regardless of whether it’s summer or winter.

5. Smoothen your nails carefully.

For a smooth surface apply a ridge-filler or buff your nails. Both metallic and matte colours look better if the nail plate is smooth. Take care not to buff too vigorously or your nails will thin and break.


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maintain your nails maintain your nails Protect Smooth

6. Paint your nails.

Always apply a base coat, two coats of colour (unless one offers full coverage) and a top coat.

maintain your nails Paint nails


Nail colours change seasonally, so you don’t have to spend money on expensive brands. Have fun changing your nail colour often. Invest in a better-quality varnish if you find a colour that you particularly love and will want to keep on your nails for an extended period of time.


Instead of removing chipped nail enamel, paint a darker colour over the top; you won’t see the chips and the single coat will dry quickly.

Handy tips

  1. It’s all about texture! Choose your favourite colour and play with texture, whether suede, matte or metallic.
  2. If you don’t have time to apply hand cream, a drop of cuticle oil quickly touches up cuticles and transforms less-than-perfect fingernails.
  3. Always scrub your nails with soap and warm water before painting them. The nail enamel won’t peel off if the nail plate is free of oil.
  4. Apply a top coat every four to five days; your nail enamel won’t chip as easily if you do.
  5. Try using biotin to help strengthen & grow your nails.

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