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The DIY secret for younger looking skin

Every woman wants to keep her skin looking young. The good news is that you don't always need expensive lotions and potions to do so. Do these facial exercises for just a couple of minutes every morning and you'll be looking firmer and fresher in no time.


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How not to massage your face: Giving yourself a face massage doesn't have to be an act of torture. Gently caress your face, don't pinch and pummel.
Anti-Ageing Tips @ Reward Me
Items required: You can use a little face cream but not too much otherwise your hands will be too slippery. 
Face Cream @ Reward Me

Steps to massage your face in the right way:

Step 1: Put your hands flat on your neck. With your fingertips pointing towards your ear, firmly move your hand downwards towards your neckline. Be careful to avoid your thyroid. Do this five times on each side. 
Step 1 @ Reward Me

Step 2: Place your thumbs underneath your chin, ball your fingers into a fist and then slide your thumbs ups firmly towards your ears. Repeat five times. 
Step 2 @ Reward Me

Step 3: Place your thumbs underneath your chin and your palms flat on your face. Slowly slide your hands up to your ears. Repeat five times. 
Step 3 @ Reward Me

Step 4: Massage the skin underneath your eyes with your fingertips three times clockwise and three times in the other direction. 
Step 4 @ Reward Me

Step 5: Place the tips of your fingers in the middle of your forehead, just above the eyebrows and massage up towards your temples. Start again from the middle and repeat four more times. 

Step 6: Place two or three fingers at the top of your nose and massage in an up and down motion in the area between the eyebrows. 

After: These six steps of face massage should take no more than five minutes but keep this morning routine up and you'll soon look ten years younger!

Good to know: After you've finished your anti-ageing massage, the blood in your face will be flowing, leaving you looking full of vitality. Now's the perfect time to apply your make-up.

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