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How To Do Your Own Pedicure

The perfect at-home ritual to keep your feet looking picture-perfect all year round.

Tip If your toes tend to press against one another, always use a toe separator or wind a horizontally folded tissue in between while your nail colour dries.

1 - Pumice power

Use a pumice or foot file to smooth the heels and balls of the feet. be sure to apply a softening cream to stubborn calluses prior to filing in order to prepare the area. File away rough spots or calluses until feet are smooth and silky.

2 - The finer details

Apply cuticle cream and push back cuticles gently using an orange stick or hoof stick. Never cut cuticles; it can cause infection. if nails are long, use a nail clipper to achieve the desired length and then file (in one direction only) according to shape preference.

Step 1 @ Reward Me Step 2 @ Reward Me

Step 1 - pumice power Step 2 - the finer details

3 - Soak and scrub

Soak feet in a foot bath of hot water for a few minutes. You can add a few drops of aromatherapy oil. Pat feet dry, apply scrub in circular motions to the entire foot and ankle area and in between toes. Use a nail brush to clean nails. rinse and dry well.


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4 - Nourish

Massage a rich foot cream (or body cream), into the feet, toes and ankle area to inject moisture. apply a cuticle oil, then wrap feet in cling-film and relax for 15 minutes. You can also do this before bed. Nb. Wipe the nail area thoroughly before painting.

Step 3 @ Reward Me Step 4 @ Reward Me

Step 3 - soak & scrub Step 4 - nourish

5 - Paint and perfect

Lastly, select your choice of colour and apply two coats on top of your base coat. Finish with a clear top coat and another drop of cuticle oil and off you go! Just remember to leave a few minutes of drying time in between each coat or you’ll ruin all your hard work.

Step 5 @ Reward Me

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