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How to care for your hands and feet

Caring for your hands and feet is not even a "seven-headed monster". Take the advice of Joana Roque and have well cared for hands and feet.

If we are at a place where we have to control our family budget even more, it is common to let a few simple luxuries go by the wayside. It is also common for the available budget to go to a SPA or even aesthetics is not as abundant as it once was, or could even be completely eliminated by a current situation.

But, this does not mean that we have to stop looking after ourselves. Much to the contrary! We whould alsways take care of ourselves, and the fact that we have a smaller income, does not have to mean we stop doing that. We only have to do it in a different way.

Even if you are not the most talented person in the world, you will see that taking care of your feet and your hands is not even a "seven-headed monster".

Always take care of your hands. In addition to doing a home manicure, always make sure you use gloves for doing domestics chores (or when you wash dishes, and even then, use detergents that have formulas that also gentle on your hands).

Use a moisturizer, especially in winter, when your hands are most likely to crack and dry. A trick that I use is to always have a small packet in my wallet to be able to use it whenever I think of it (and many times throughout the day).


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With my feet, the necessary care should be simple but effective. Remove calluses and the driest and thickest skin with the appropriate brush and take advantage of your daily shower, when your feet are "softened" up bey the hot shower, to do this daily treatment.

After your shower, dry your feet well and apply a very thick moisturizer. Wear cotton socks and as soon as the cream is absorbed, your feet will become very soft. These care tips are especially important in summer, when your feet are more exposed!

For an at home manicure and pedicure, place your feet and hands in warm water with a neutral soap, to soften up the feet and cuticles. Then trim the finger nails and toe nails to the desired length and, with a small nail pliers, cut the small skin that grows up around the nails. Smoothly pull the cuticles with an appropriate stick, and dry your feet and hands well. After this, apply your favorite nail polish (you can use a glaze base or top coat if you prefer it that way). Let it dry well and moisturize with your customery cream.

And there it is, perfect and cared for, even at home!

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