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Host a pampering party

Get together with friends to have fun and feel fantastic at the end of it.

Setting the scene:

Declutter your lounge, stack clean fluffy towels and have cleansers and plain facial wipes to hand. Light a few candles – jasmine, lavender and magnolia are good chill-out scents. Chill down with a herbal or fruit tea and a chat.

Have a few options:

Not everyone likes to have their face touched or their toes tickled so draw up a few little menus of the different ‘treatments’ you can all choose from.

Stay healthy:

If anyone has health issues or might be pregnant it’s safest if they sit out this kind of pampering unless they have asked their GP what is acceptable. It’s important that you all know what suits you so no-one ends up aggravating their skin with unfamiliar lotions and potions.


Invite someone in the group who knows a few simple, safe yoga moves to lead a session to help everyone get into the right frame of mind.


Gently exfoliate the skin, rubbing with your fingertips to stimulate the skin, and then rinse your face with warm water and pat dry. Smooth on a facemask then relax. Set up a place where you can recline to soothing music or even a CD of woodland or water sounds.


Shoulder and head rubs can be kept simple and soothing but for a deeper massage it’s worth hiring a masseur (ideally one who also uses aromatherapy) for a couple of hours and splitting the cost.

Foot spa:

Get into pairs and do each other’s feet. Firstly soak feet in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of lavender oil. Dry off then massage with a scented foot cream or a little plain olive oil. Tidy your toenails and add a fun polish colour.



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Rub hand cream into each other’s hands, nails and cuticles. Ask everyone to bring along a bottle of nail polish so you have a pretty array of colours to choose from.

Pass it on:

Get everyone to try a new colour by swapping clothes, test-running a new shade of lipstick or eye shadow. Take before and after snaps.

This pampering party would make your skin perfect to shine at any occasion. When we are talking about pampering, there's one more ingredient that you can count on and that is ghee which also has health benefits apart from skin & hair. Check out 15 note-orthy benefits of ghee for skin, hair & health here at our blog.

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