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How To Remove Body Hair Without Shaving?

Shaving, waxing, bleaching or depilation? Each method has its benefits and drawbacks. But as the English say: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” You will only know once you have tried it. The guinea pig for this is our 'Zin in meer'-expert, Hilde. Week after week she went in search for the perfect hairless result.

The first thing going through my mind for this challenge is of course shaving with a razor. I feel that would be the easiest, fastest and least expensive solution. The result looks - for a little while - great. However, my bikini line looks a little less happy with this classic: red bumps and ingrown hairs are already ignoring the smooth mission I am on after just a few days. So can i accomplish this task without shaving razors?

Maybe waxing is the best and at the same time mildest vanishing trick I have been seeking? The hairs vanish with just one hard pull and it appears my skin has no problem with that. One drawback: the hair must have a minimum length in order to achieve the best result. While it is exactly that minimum length that is eating away at my patience.

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A hair removal cream? I read on the packaging that the hairs do not break-off but miraculously melt away. Rub in, wait, rinse off and finished! The verdict? The hairs return a little bit quicker than with waxing, but stay away a little longer than after shaving. A reasonable result until I notice the red bumps and even some pimples on my sensitive skin. Moreover, the scent seems to follow me around for hours afterwards. Oh well... next!


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The hair depilation machine has been lying unused for some time on a shelf. The technology has since evolved, but the pain from my first depilation session fifteen years ago is still fresh in my memory. I imagine Jennifer Lopez's legs and gather my courage. The Braun Silk-épil Dual Epilator looks way more appealing than my first torturing device. Bare legs and away we go. The first seconds I feel a light prickling sensation, but this is quickly neutralized with the trilling massage. I only have to slowly glide over my skin one time for a surprisingly smooth result. This is miles away from my horror scenario of all those years ago! Once finished I rub my legs thoroughly with a neutral cream. It's really necessary, as my leg tone suddenly seems a touch lighter.

I repeat the treatment after a week. As promised, even the smallest hairs on my legs disappear now. I take the device with me in the shower and success is achieved, as the combination of the gel and the warm water lessen the prickling sensation. One and a half months of weekly depilation sessions later the hairs return, but not as quickly or as numerous. Believe it or not, but I am a fan now! 

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