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12 Simple Tips For Easy Hair Removal at Home

Not everyone has the time to visit the parlour regularly. Ready-made solutions available off-the-shelf can give you nasty side effects. And permanent hair removal treatments can be expensive. How then, do you get rid of that unwanted fuzz?

Everybody dreams ofclean and smooth skin. Through the ages, women have been looking for painless, easy, and natural home remedies for hair removal.

12 simple, natural remedies for hair removal at home:

  1. Raw papaya: Papain is an active enzymein the raw fruit. It breaks down the hair follicle and stops hair growth. It also works as a natural exfoliant.
  2. Turmeric: Along with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is also known to possess a quality that prevents hair growth, when used with water or milk.
  3. Potato-lentil: Potato juice can be mixed with yellow lentil (moong daal) as a hair removal remedy. The juice lightens hair andthe dried lentil paste pulls hair off.
  4. Lemon-sugar-honey: Sugar and lemon juice when added to water help remove facial hair. When you add honey to the mix, it acts like homemade wax.
  5. Egg mask: Egg white when applied to the face and allowed to dry off, sticks to the face. When you pull it, the mask comesoff with facial hair.
  6. White pepper-camphor: Pepper and camphor are strong and could irritate the skin. You are advised to use this method only for removing hair from legs. You can use almond oil to lessen the burn.
  7. Chickpea flour mix: Chickpea flour is renowned for its hair removing properties and has been used for years in India to stop or prevent further hair growth.
  8. Banana-oatmeal scrub: This is a good remedy for dry skin. Banana makes your skin soft and sooth, and the oatmeal exfoliates it.
  9. Sugar-molasses: Sugar when added to molasses or dim corn syrup also works like homemade wax.
  10. Alum-rosewater: This remedy has been used for decades in India and Pakistan to tackle the problem of unwanted hair.
  11. Basil-onion paste: The transparent membranes between the onion layers, when applied with basil leaves, can remove unwanted hair.
  12. Thanaka-safflower: The combination of thanaka powder and safflower oilworks wonders in permanently eliminating unwanted hair.

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