Got A Pimple? Stop, Don’t Pop

5 Reasons To Avoid Pimple Popping & Ways To Remove Pimple Marks

Oh, these unsightly pimples. Showing up when you least expect them. What do you? Best to pop them, right? Wrong. Read on to know why you should never do that.

A lot of us have gone through our teenage years battling pimples and acne. For most, the phase ended with the teens but some still face the stress of pimples later into our years.

A natural reaction is to try and pop it to make it go away. But it’s not always the right thing to do. So much could go wrong simply with popping pimples.Why should you not pop your pimples? What could happen?

5 Reasons To Not Pop Your Pimples

#1. Worsen the inflammation
A pimple is a skin boil caused by a blocked oil gland. It is usually infected and when you try and pop it, all the squeezing and pulling can make it worse.

#2. You can get scabs
When you pop a pimple, all the released pus forms a scab. And that is impossible to cover with a concealer. Plus it itches and you are tempted to pick at it, and a vicious cycle begins. Instead, use an acne concealer and wait for the pimple to subside.

#3. Permanent scars
If you don’t pop the pimple correctly you’re going to leave behind scars. Some of these might fade away, but many will stay on your face permanently. Taking the help of a professional might help you.


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#4. Skin discolouration
The pressure you put on your skin while trying to pop the pimple can cause discolouration. It isn’t a scar and the skin does go back to its original state, but it can take over 2 years.

#5. Infection
When you pop a pimple, you push the bacteria in even further. And opening up the pimple exposes it to pollutants. And don’t even get us started on dirty hands.
Pimple popping could lead to pimple marks.But don’t worry. There are a few ways to lessen the marks left behind by pimple popping.

Tip #1: Your refrigerator is stocked with fruits and vegetables that can be used to fight pimple scars. Tomato pulp, lemon juice, an orange peel pack, potato juice, papaya pulp and green coconut water are all effective ways to lessen marks.

Tip #2: You can also raid your kitchen ingredients and make a baking soda pack, aloe vera-turmeric pack, sandalwood paste, honey-turmeric-milk packs, egg white pack, kesar-nutmeg pack, cocoa butter mask, fenugreek seeds-milk paste and yogurt-cucumber pack, all of which can work.

Tip #3: Some oils, like tea tree oil, coconut oil and rose-hip oil can also be used regularly to lessen pimple marks.

Remember, a clean skin is the first step to being pimple free. Always wash your face with a good cleanser like Olay Natural White 7 in One Foaming cleanser to keep your skin clean, glowing and naturally fair and healthy.

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