Get Fresh-looking Skin all Year Round with Exfoliation and Epilation

Get Fresh-looking Skin all Year Round with Exfoliation and Epilation

Maintaining smooth, gorgeous skin isn’t all that tough and doesn’t need regular trips to the salon, which are not only time consuming, but rather costly too. Combining exfoliation and epilation is the secret to fresh, youthful and silky skin.

Why wait for a trip to the salon for your regular dose of exfoliation? Take the time to include it in your weekly cleansing routine. It’s not as complicated as you think, and in fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to have smooth, gorgeous skin all year through.

Exfoliation rubs off the dead skin from your body, bringing up healthy skin. Regular exfoliation also increases blood circulation, keeping your skin looking fresh and youthful.

Before you jump excitedly into the exfoliation routine, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Which body part are you exfoliating?

Each part of your body has different levels of sensitivity and requirements. What your face needs is not the same as your feet. Methods and products have to be chosen with care and have to be chosen for the body part they will be used on.

What is your skin type?

Understanding your skin type is very critical. Some exfoliation techniques are meant for a certain type of skin. Do you have oily skin, or dry skin? Or perhaps it’s a combination type. Doubly check for sensitive skin before beginning exfoliating.

What products can I choose?

The market is filled with multiple choices. There are cleansers and scrubs and washes, for your face and your body. And there are exfoliation gloves and loofahs that enhance the exfoliation process. You wouldn’t be blamed for being daunted at first. Take your time and sort through the products until you find one that is meant for you.


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Exfoliation and hair removal

Exfoliation is also an essential part of your hair removal regime. You can wax, shave, use creams or epilate to remove hair. Of all the choices, using an epilator for women is one of the fastest, most convenient and the easiest ways to get and maintain clean skin. You can pick an epilator that comes with separate attachments for various body parts. The market also has face epilators.

Other benefits of epilation:

  1. Cheaper than making an appointment at a salon
  2. You don’t need to wait for a full growth to epilate.
  3. You can epilate when you want, in the convenience of your home
  4. Even tiny hair can be pulled out
  5. You get used to the mild pain very quickly

The only downside to epilation is that it could cause ingrown hair, which can be prevented by regular exfoliation.

Benefits of exfoliation and epilation together:

  1. Softens your skin and makes it glow
  2. Buffs dead skin to clear your pores and keep acne under control
  3. Hastens your skin’s natural renewal process
  4. Prevents skin discolouration by removing dead skin cells
  5. Visibly brightens skin and delays the onset of fine lines and wrinkles

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