Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know

12 Must Know Fashion Hacks for Women

Here are some ingenious tricks that will keep your closet and your accessories like new.

As women, we like to look good. How do we do this when unforeseen accidents occur? These simple tricks will save your life when you least expect it. Keep reading because you've surely been in some of these situations before.

1. Iron that wrinkled neck in second by using your flat iron!

2. White wine cleans red wine stains. Incredible, right? Simply run a cloth soaked in white wine over the stain and it will disappear.

3. Sprinkle lemon on sweat stains on your white shirts and then wash them with Ariel. Not only will it remove the stains, they'll smell good too.

4. If the zipper gets stuck, rub a candle on it and it will work like new.

5. Clean your silver jewelry with a toothbrush you're not using and with toothpaste. It will glow.

6. In order to keep your pantyhose from running, spray with hairspray.

7. Place a water-filled bag in shoes that fit you tightly. Put them in the freezer and leave them there overnight.


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8. Use coat hangers to see what clothes you’re not using and get rid of them. Simply hang all of your clothes on the hangers facing one direction. When you put them back, face them in the opposite direction. After some weeks you'll identify which clothes you're using and which ones you aren't.

9. Prevent your angora sweaters from shedding by placing them in a sealed bag and putting them in the freezer for a minimum of three hours.

10. I love this one. Did you know that if you can roll the waist of a pair of pants around your neck and it's not too short or too long, the waist of the pants will fit you perfectly? Try it and you'll be able to purchase pants without having to try them on.

11. If you don't like to purchase leather or suede shoes because they get dirty and look bad, try cleaning them with a piece of hard bread. It works like an eraser.

12. Waterproof your shoes by rubbing wax lip balm on them. This is a really easy trick and you'll be thankful on rainy days.

What trick has helped you save an article of clothing?

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