Step 1: prepare your eyes @ Reward Me

Eyeliner, That's Easy!

Black-rimmed eyes are incredibly sexy. But applying eyeliner correctly is not always easy. Here is some advice.

Prepare the eyes @ Reward Me

Step 1: Prepare your eyes

Eyeliner may slip if you put it on oily eyelids. For your eyeliner to stay in place, it's good to start by applying a primer with a brush or fingertips. And set it with powder.

Choose the right eyeliner @ Reward Me

Step 2: Choose the right formula

A waterproof eyeliner will hold better than a conventional eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner also holds well, but it is more complicated to apply.

How to line the eyes @ Reward Me

Step 3: Draw a line

Apply the eyeliner as close as possible to the lash line. If you are working with a powder, use a very fine eyeliner brush. Do you prefer a liquid eyeliner? You have to have a very steady hand. So make sure your arm can lean on a solid support (on a piece of furniture, for example) before you start the line. You can draw outside the eye a little if you like.

Apply eye shadow @ Reward Me

Step 4: Finish on a beautiful note

Next apply an eye shadow in a matching shade. Shake the brush to remove excess powder, then apply in dots above the eyeliner to set the line. Finish with a little cloud of powder for a polished look. If the powder falls on your cheeks, remove it with a cotton ball soaked with makeup remover.

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