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Learn How To Get Radiant Skin

Would you also like to have that well-cared for look? Your skin is your most important calling card. The only thing needed give it a new lease on life is a bit of goodwill and the right products. What are you waiting for?

Start and end your day with a fixed facial care ritual. Always start by cleansing. Choose a product that suits your skin type. Your other beauty products with their beneficial ingredients can only actively work their wonder on clean skin.

Massage your face in circle-like movements for 2 minutes after cleansing. This relaxes your facial muscles and stimulates your blood circulation. A pleasant wake-up call that is immediately rewarded with a radiant complexion. This is also useful after a dull meeting or for a party. 


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The UV-rays of the sun can damage your skin and cause wrinkles. Thus, choose a day cream with a sun protection factor of SPF 15 or greater. At night, help your skin rest and recover. Use a nourishing night cream for this. When applying the cream, do not forget your neck and decolletage.
Wrinkles are inevitable in the long-term, but you can ease them somewhat with anti-aging ingredients. By the way, these can have a preventive effect too.

Treat your skin to some additional moisture at least once in the week. Apply a moisturizing mask before going to sleep, relax and admire yourself the next morning.

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My skin is dry.. What I should have to use as i daily have to come in contact of sun atleast morning and evening for 1 hr each..

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