Don't Share His Razor!

Don't Share His Razor!

When it comes to shaving, men may be from Mars, but for women, it’s all Venus. Sure, men and women both want the kind of smooth skin they get with a perfect shave but Venus understands that women’s shaving needs are different and call for a different kind of razor.

Don't Share His Razor!

When it comes to shaving, men may be from Mars, but for women, it’s all Venus. Sure, men and women both want the kind of smooth skin they get with a perfect shave but Venus understands that women’s shaving needs are different and call for a different kind of razor.

Let's get to the root of shaving differences

Manscaping aside, most guys only shave their faces and necks. You, on the other hand, are faced with legs, underarms and your bikini area. That’s about 676 square inches, or 18 times the 38 inches he’s shaving each day. (And he wonders why it takes you longer to get ready!) In addition, your body hair is finer and grows faster and in more directions than his facial hair.

Then there’s the way that men and women shave. Most men shave at the sink, in front of a mirror. Many women, though, find it easier to shave in the shower, where they can’t see everything they’re trying to reach (like the backs of knees). They have to depend on the feel of the razor to get the job done. Plus, women tend to move their razors more quickly than men, and over curvier spots, like ankles and knees.

These differences all add up to the need for a women’s razor, designed to glide over skin quickly, easily and without missing any spots.

A women's razor to call your own

How do I hold a razor?

The blade technology behind Gillette men’s and Venus women’s razors may be the same. But take a closer look at the overall design and you’ll see why Venus is made just for you.

First, of course, are the blades themselves. Venus razors have 3 or 5 blades to help you get a close, smooth shave. The more blades that pass over the skin, the easier it is to get virtually every hair in just one stroke. Of course, you have to do your part as well. Rinse the blades after every use and change them out at the first sign of dullness or discomfort—usually after 5–10 shaves. This will keep the blades sharp, so you get a smooth shave every time.

Venus Breeze Razor Blades

Venus Breeze Razor Blades - Pack of 2

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Next, check out the razor heads. Venus’s oval shape suits women’s shaving better than the square head of a men’s razor. It helps pull the skin taut, so even areas like underarms get a close, smooth shave. The pivoting head and individually adjusting blades flex, so it’s easy to shave hard-to-reach spots. And a lubricating strip, like the Venus Ribbon of Moisture™, gives the razor great glide, which comes in handy when you’re trying to shave quickly.

Finally, consider the handle. Think about all the ways you hold the razor to reach those tricky spots. Then add in a shaving gel or soap and water in the shower, and things can get downright slippery. It’s no wonder women need a different kind of handle! So Venus razors have a comfortable, curvy handle with a lightweight SoftGrip gel that makes them easy to hold onto while you shave over knees, ankles and underarms.

For fantastic shaving comfort, try a Venus Embrace razor. It has 5 blades, a rounded, pivoting head, a Ribbon of Moisture™ for smooth glide, and a specially designed handle with plenty of SoftGrip gel for better control. Like all Venus razor blade refills, it fits on any Venus handle, so even if you’re currently using another Venus razor, you can try it out and see how you like it.

Play nice—but don't share

When it comes to shaving products, don’t venture to his side of the medicine cabinet. Not only is sharing razors unhygienic, your special someone might not appreciate you shaving your bikini area with his facial razor! Plus, since you’re shaving so much more skin than he is, the blade will dull faster, so it’s harder for him to tell when to get a fresh blade. This may cause him nicks and cuts if he uses his razor after you.

Another product to call your own: shaving cream. Sure, you want to use something for better glide and protection against nicks and cuts. But the skin on a woman’s leg is much dryer than the skin on a man’s face. Women’s shave gels, like Venus with a Touch of Olay Violet Swirl, help lock in moisture to keep your skin supple and smooth. Satin Care Dry Skin is even specially formulated with glycerin and shea butter to quench your skin and help prevent moisture loss; you can also trySatin Care for Sensitive Skin to decide which formula is best for your skin type.

You may prefer to choose a shave gel based on fragrance. Satin Care comes in flirty scents like Lavender Kiss and Passionista Fruit—all of which will make you feel sexier than a men’s fragrance.

Short on time? Don’t like to use more than one product to get smooth skin? Try the Venus Breeze Razor with built-in shave gel bars and you can skip the shave gel altogether: Just wet the razor, shave and relax!

Find your perfect razor

Men and women will always have their shaving differences, but when you use products made just for you, your skin will feel smoother and more comfortable. And if you’re like many women, that smooth, comfortable skin will boost your confidence.

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