Some Interesting Tips on How to Choose Perfect Fragrance

Summer is full of strong scents. The smell of fully ripe fruits, the refreshing scent of a summer downpour, and that smell that only the sun hitting the grass can make. The smallest little smells can bring back memories, boost your confidence, or help you relax.
With the power of scents, it’s no surprise that everyone has their favorite smells. How you use them can really influence your mood. So how can you play with scents to help find the best you?

How to play with scents:

There’s a reason why perfume makers suggest different scents for colder and warmer days. So choose a scent that is perfectly in line with your body temperature - if the temperature is high outside, you need a fresh, milder scent that underlines your personality without exaggerating it.

Summery scents that invigorate your body, giving you that extra boost in the hot weather are exactly what’s needed. Try citrus fruits, mint or the scent of a summer meadow itself.


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Colder temperatures call for a stronger, more powerful scent. Spices like nutmeg or cloves, or flower scents like lavender or jasmine are great when the weather outside is less welcoming.

Fragrance has greater influence if it is used consciously, but perceived unconsciously. Your clothes can provide you with this unconscious scent. Lenor has a wide variety of scents for all personalities and moods, leaving your favorites soft and great smelling, boosting your confidence, and giving you energy and comfort throughout the day.

Just add Lenor to your normal wash, and give your clothes an extra boost, whatever the weather. Your clothes will stay great smelling for longer, helping to boost your mood whatever life brings.
Well, you would also agree to the fact that maintaining that fresh look in summer is bit difficult as your skin becomes dull and lifeless because of excessive sweating. So, check out 9 effective tips to maintain oil free skin in summer here.

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