Chocolate & Gold Facials

Chocolate & Gold Facials

If the idea of biting into rich dark chocolate makes you happy or the sight of yellow precious metal excites you, then how about the idea of smoothing it all over your face? We are talking about two of the many exotic beauty treatments trending the salons these days – Gold or Chocolate facials, guilt-free indulgences that add a gorgeous glow to your skin.


Besides being extraordinarily delicious, chocolate is surprisingly good for the preservation of your youth and beauty. A good chocolate facial can help you reap its benefits, whilst relaxing you at the same time.

Benefits of a chocolate facial:

  • Chocolate has a high level of antioxidants, which fight damaging free radicals from hurting our skin’s elastin, collagen and other essential proteins. 
  • It increases blood circulation, imparting a healthy glow to your face.
  • It boosts the production of collagen and lightens blemishes and acne marks.
  • It delivers moisture to your skin cells, which helps in the reduction of wrinkles



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For centuries women have shared a mysterious relationship with gold, but today's beauty trends have taken this deep bond to a whole new level. It is now being used as potent anti-aging solution. 

Benefits of a gold facial:

  • It promotes blood circulation, adding a sparkle to your complexion.
  • It accelerates cell renewal and boost the skin's elasticity
  • It also helps in lymphatic drainage and toxin removal
  • It has anti-aging properties and helps in reduction of fine lines
  • It can reverse oxidation and sun damage
  • Pigmentation control and melanin-formation are unique capacities of gold facials and thus, to some extent assists in complexion lightening

Other than being packed with powerful skin enhancing properties, Chocolate and Gold facials are known to suit almost every skin type. That's why it is so easy for anyone and everyone to benefit from this splendid experience.

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