Essential Body Shaving Tips By Dr. Rashmi Shetty

You can use shaving as a method of hair removal all over your body, even the most sensitive parts. Watch now to know more.

Can I shave all over my body?

  • You could use razor or shaving as a method of hair removal pretty much on every part of the body, why not? It’s super safe. In fact it’s safe to those areas that you would otherwise be worried because this is the most inert, mechanical, harmless thing that you can use to remove hairs

Imagine something like a waxing, putting in hot wax, temperature may not be right, the applicator they you use they may not be hygienically not okay; all of these may be a worry. If use a chemical hair remover, it burns to the skin, causes irritation, redness, inflammation. So one of the safest method could be shaving, just go ahead.


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