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Gillette Launches Venus Shaving Razors For Women

A razor so convenient which guarantees long-lasting Beautiful, Smooth Skin

  • World’s no. 1 shaving system launched in India, exclusively for women
  • Delivers smooth skin in the most convenient way, that lasts long
  • Advanced features includes three curve-hugging blades for a clean finish, protective cushions for a smooth glide and a contoured non-slip handle for great control even in the shower

[November 14th, Mumbai] – Bollywood Goddess and Gillette Venus Brand Ambassador Chitrangada Singh along with stars Neha Dhupia and Esha Gupta, came together to launch Gillette’s revolutionary shaving system designed especially for Women – the Gillette ‘Venus’ razor. With its launch in the country, Venus paves the way in female hair removal with a combination of ground breaking innovation and proven technology, created especially for women to attain smooth, longer lasting hair-free skin at home, at their convenience.

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The elaborate launch event saw the trio of Bollywood actresses shave their legs with the best in class Venus razor. They demonstrated and highlighted shaving as their only preferred method of hair removal and endorsed it to be their way of attaining smooth skin. They cleared the air about myths surrounding shaving and encouraged women to try this new hair removal system to have skin worthy of a Goddess and feel more confident and feminine, whenever they want.

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A revolutionary product, Gillette Venus understands that looking fantastic for important occasions helps a woman feel confident. Along with the perfect hair & makeup, it’s smooth & radiant skin that really completes the look. Venus encourages all women to ‘Reveal the Goddess in Them’ and feel more feminine and beautiful after the Venus experience. Used by more than 60 million women worldwide, Gillette Venus incorporates advanced features such as:

  • Three curve-hugging blades for a flawless finish with virtually no missed hair
  • Protective cushions that gently glide over  skin for a smooth and comfortable hair removal experience
  • A contoured non-slip handle that is designed  to fit perfectly in a woman’s hand thereby  providing great control even in the shower
  • An indicator lubricator strip with Aloe and Vitamin E which fades when a user is no longer getting the optimal Venus experience
  • The shower safe Venus cartridges are individually sealed in waterproof dispensers to keep blades clean, dry and long lasting. 

Commenting on the launch of Venus from Gillete in India, Deepa Vaidyanathan, Head, Communications, P&G India said, “Gillette is the world leader in grooming solutions and our product portfolio has a solution for every man. Over the last 100 years, we have been committed to delivering superior grooming solutions which are safe, convenient and easy. Innovation has been at the heart of Gillette. With this, Gillette now introduces World’s No. 1 female shaving brand in India, trusted by over 60 million women – Gillette Venus. Venus is the leading hair removal brand in the world which offers women hair removal solutions for smoother, long-lasting results. It is the most convenient female hair removal system that guarantees smooth and radiant skin that will make every woman feel more feminine, confident and beautiful. Priced at just Rs. 199, Venus aims to revolutionize the shaving experience so that Indian women can have what they desire – skin worthy of a goddess.”

Dr. Jamuna Pai, Consultant Cosmetic & Aesthetic Physician and Anti-Aging expert said, “Millions of Indian women consider soft, smooth skin as the foundation to beauty, yet they don’t use razors due to false myths. Popular myth that hair grows thicker post shaving is simply because you feel the hair grow back at its thickest part, gradually the hair tapers at the tip as it sheds the cells as it grows. It is scientifically proven that razors do not cause thicker hair growth or darkened skin and are in fact the most convenient way to have hair free smooth skin whenever you want and without much cost”.

Bollywood Actor and Brand Ambassador, Gillette India - Chitrangada Singh said, “Showing off sexy legs whenever you want is every woman’s desire. For me, waxing and hair removal creams were always a pain due to skin-sensitivity and the re-grow period.  I would wonder about all the myths surrounding shaving – it makes your skin darker, makes hair grow faster but when I first tried Venus, I couldn’t believe how simple and effective hair removal could be while still delivering beautiful results. All the myths were untrue. Today, Venus is my best friend for times when I need to be ‘beach ready’. Being at the beach, I like to flaunt my smooth legs and arms and Venus is the answer. Ever since I started using Venus, my smooth arms and legs get many compliments. This has given me the confidence that can only come from feeling good in your own skin. I urge all women to try the product; it is a one stop solution for all your hair removal needs.”

Actor and Brand Endorser Neha Dhupia said, “Indian women are multi-faceted and are multi-taskers, each playing a different role - a mother, wife, an entrepreneur, a corporate professional, they play it all. This leaves them with very little time for grooming themselves. And Gillette Venus is the right solution for all Indian women who want smooth skin at their convenience, at home. For corporate women, who have to be on the go and need to be presentable at all times, Venus is the most convenient solution and it is also very travel savvy. It enables them to be ‘work ready’ and feel more confident, feminine and beautiful. I was introduced to Venus by a friend who convinced me to try shaving. And there has been no looking back, ever since.  Venus is so convenient at all times; it always gives me that and smooth skin that makes heads turn. I recommend Gillette Venus to all my friends!”

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Svelte Bollywood star Esha Gupta said, “Being a new age woman, working in a profession that demands me to make a presence at many social dos – like clubs, events, parties and functions, looking good and confident at these occasions is a must  for me. And I believe smooth, radiant, hair free skin makes me feel a lot more confident, feminine & beautiful. I don’t have the time and patience to wax or to even use hair removal creams. More so personally, with my sensitive skin, these methods don’t suit me much. And then I used Venus; I was so overjoyed to learn that it in fact was the most convenient way for me to have hair free smooth skin whenever I want and also it did not cause thicker hair growth or darkened skin, at all. I can be ‘party ready’ at all times. Venus is my perfect, convenient solution that makes my skin feels supple, glowing, and makes me feel like a Goddess. It’s great not just for me, but also for every woman who desires sexy skin.”

Pricing and Availability

Gillette Venus razor is available in retail outlets across the country from November 2013, at an attractive price of Rs.199. 

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