Rediscover your glamour with colour

Tips To Wear Colourful Face Makeup With Panache

Make-up artist Rajan Tolomei gives us his tips for using colour and on-trend looks so you get lips and lashes with serious appeal.

Even if you’re used to minimal make-up, it’s time to change the record. The new season promises to be filled with full, intense and vibrant colour, so why not give it a try yourself – on the most romantic evening of the year?

Let yourself be conquered by colour
“Make-up can add energy, playfulness and sensuality,” says Rajan. “Focus on colourful eyeshadows and more intense lipsticks. This season’s explosive shades include aqua green, orange, turquoise, fuchsia and cyclamen.”

Get the basics right first
“Colour looks best when applied to flawless and clear skin so it’s important to apply foundation. The good news is that foundation isn’t just for beauty – it’s also a protective and healing product. Good foundation formulas are enriched with active ingredients which hydrate, revitalize and prevent wrinkles and blemishes.”


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Bring intensity to your eyes
“Eyes grab attention and express attraction so they deserve accurately applied make-up. Start by tracing a line of eyeliner in black, charcoal gray, midnight blue or bottle-green, then blending this with a matching dark shadow. With a light shadow in pinky beige, gold, salmon or pale pink, create a highlight on the inner corner of your eye extending towards the bridge of your nose to create a shimmery effect which brightens up your face. Mascara should be applied several times to add greater depth to your eyes. For an even more sensual look, finish with black kohl pen applied to the waterline.”

Awaken your sensuality with your smile
“Nothing is more glamorous than a red lipstick. It is the most on-trend colour and should be perfectly lined by a matching liner or one which is just a shade darker than the lipstick itself. Go for a darker red (a Bordeaux) if you don’t have a bright smile, or a sparkling cherry red for a dazzling smile.”

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