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Stressed hair? Seasonal changes and other factors can affect the well-being of your hair. Here are some tips for preventing damage and some recommended treatments for facing the new season with light, shiny hair

In the light of the sun, imperfections in our hair become more noticeable especially after enduring the stress of a cold, smoggy and humid season which can all cause hair to become dull, lackluster and lank. At times, the hair becomes so weak that it struggles to stay in shape. To regain your hair's luster, vigor and thickness you need to use targeted treatments and take more care with your daily cleansing and brushing routine.

In addition toatmospheric agents and pollution, failure to thoroughly rinse your hair after shampooing can cause dryness to the hair shaft; add to this the fact that tap water is often hard water, and we have identified two causes which are harmful to our hair. How can we remedy this? First of all you need to use the right products: shampoo and an intensive conditioning treatment which nourish the hair without weighing it down, provide immediate and rejuvenating care.

When washing your hair distribute the shampoo from the roots to the tips and ensure you rinse each time with lukewarm water for at least three minutes. Adding a spoonful of vinegar to the final rinse will help to revitalize the hair. Getting into the habit of using a nutrient-rich product once a week will help to restore your hair's shine without over stressing it.


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The loss of body, which is evident every time you struggle to maintain the finished style after brushing and blowdrying, is another symptom of the poor condition of your hair. Restorative, nourishing and volumizing products, from shampoo, to conditioner, to mousse are your best allies for successful styling. The secret is in the application: distribute the product evenly from the roots to the tips with a comb. Then dry your hair, starting from the underside of your head and then only to hair which has almost completely dried continue brushing strand by strand, moving the hairdryer nozzle down to the ends.

If the hair is weak and tends to break, think of all the times that, when in a rush, you have used the hairdryer on the hottest setting or have brushed your hair too vigorously. Instead try getting used to halving the brushing time by correctly drying the hair by hand, by wrapping and towel-drying the hair and untangling the knots with combs and brushes made of natural materials. A restorative mask with particular ingredients will help to strengthen the hair, but in extreme cases, don't hesitate to pay a visit to your hairdresser for a cut.

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