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Beauty at its best – a 2 week checklist!

Venus understands that looking fantastic for your most important occasions makes you feel super-confident. And while hair and makeup help, it’s soft, smooth, radiant skin that really completes the look. So follow this 2-week checklist with tips for looking and feeling your best, and let your inner Goddess shine when it counts the most.

Two weeks and counting

Get set to prep:

Get your skin into show-off shape! Exfoliate once or twice this week and next to reveal fresh, radiant skin—and moisturize every day to keep it soft.

A smooth shave

Shaving legs regularly can improve the look and feel of skin by removing hair and the top layer of dead skin cells. For ultra-smooth skin, soak the hair for 2-3 minutes with warm water, then lather up with a shave gel. Shave with a women’s razor, like the Venus Embrace, using a light touch. When you’re finished, be sure to hydrate with an in-shower moisturizer or body lotion.

Play with your hair:

Depending on the importance of the event, now is also the time to plan how your hair will look. Think about a hair color refresher. Getting it now will help ensure your roots are covered—a huge confidence booster for most women.

Get hairstyle ideas from friends or magazines, then experiment with creating them. Keep track of the steps and products you use—writing them down can help you later during your event prep (and your day-to-day style).
Brighten your smile

Few things light up a Goddess like a beautiful smile. Consider whitening your teeth with an at-home treatment for a quick and simple fix. Many of these treatments can reveal maximum results within two weeks. Of course, consult your dentist and follow all instructions before you start.

Get golden:

Want a little color? Start working on it now. If you want to use a self-tanner, two weeks gives you time to build the perfect shade and even out any streaks. If you decide on an airbrush tan, book an appointment this week to be sure you won’t have an allergic reaction, and another appointment for the day before your event.


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One week to go

Put your best face forward:

A facial the week before your event will help your complexion glow—and give skin time to recover from any breakouts or irritation. This is also a good time to take a look at your eyebrows. Since they frame your face, they deserve a little attention. Consider having them professionally waxed, or shape them yourself.

Think about the makeup you’ll wear. Remember first to highlight one feature, but not all of them at once. A good example: If you’re going with a bold lip color, your eyes should be slightly more neutral. Likewise, if your eyes are taking center stage, your lips should stay toned down. If it’s a big event—especially a nighttime one—you’ll want something a little more dramatic than your everyday look. The smoky eye is a striking way to add the drama.

Take care of yourself:

Drink plenty of water and get enough rest this week; your skin will be hydrated and you’ll look refreshed when your big event comes around.

The day before

Take care of last-minute details today, like your mani/pedi. Remember to pamper your skin with a smooth shave and a moisturizing body lotion. And pack your purse with the essentials: breath mints, lip gloss, blotting tissues, a brush, money, keys, cell phone and driver’s license.

Prepping for date night

A night out with your sweetheart calls for silky, touchable skin, so focus your beauty prep on getting it! Start with a moisturizing body wash in the shower. After 2-3 minutes, treat yourself to an irresistibly smooth shave with a pampering shave gel, like Satin Care, and the 5-blade Venus Embrace. Finish your skin routine with a body lotion that has a hint of shimmer.

Prepping for girls' night out

Headed out for fun with your friends? A smooth shave will send your confidence soaring and make you feel like the Goddess you are. Remember to soak the hair on your legs for a few minutes, and use plenty of shave gel (try Satin Care in a flirty scent). When you finish shaving legs and underarms, try Satin Care In-Shower Moisturizer to help lock in moisture. Simply smooth over wet skin, rinse and pat dry for silky softness.
Slip into a short skirt or fun, flirty dress to really show off your gorgeous legs. Add a pair of heels, and legs will instantly look longer and sleeker. Add definition by highlighting your shins with a bit of shimmery bronzer, or even out tone and add a subtle sheen by smoothing the bronzer all over your legs.

Prepping for a holiday party

A smooth shave is the perfect complement to the season’s sparkling styles. Fortunately, that smoothness is easy to get, even if winter’s harsh, cold air has made your skin dry and flaky. First, be sure to use a shave gel instead of soap and water. A good one to try: Satin Care Dry Skin Formula shave gel, with glycerin and shea butter. It helps protect your skin against nicks and cuts and against moisture loss during the shave. Next, try a razor like the Venus Embrace, with a protective Ribbon of Moisture, to provide you with a smooth shave . Finally, help lock in moisture with an ultra-emollient body lotion to keep skin super-smooth. Once you’ve got those soft, smooth legs, add a light dusting of body bronzer for instant radiance that really dazzles.

Following this check list will surely help in maintaining skin health which is extremely crucial when your d-day is just 2 weeks away. Also, mehndi is an important part of bridal look. So check out 5 amazing bridal mehndi designs here.

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