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Ask the Experts: 5 Reasons to Add Oil to Your Skincare Routine

Keep your skin glowing by integrating oils into your skincare regimen.

Adding oil to your skin? We know it might sound crazy, but adding oils to your skincare routine works wonders. Oil will keep your skin glowing, not gleaming.

Discover why our experts recommend adding oil to your skin:

1. Oils Prevent Moisture Loss

Facial oil works to preserve the moisture in your skin and maintain a balance. This balance provides moisture for your skin, while preventing it from appearing or feeling greasy. Look for a product with all natural ingredients, like Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil — it’s designed to work with your skin to protect against moisture loss and preserve balance. 

2. Oils Reverse Signs of Aging

Oils are perfect if you want to get away from a heavy, cream-based anti-aging moisturizer. They’re lightweight, and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles with regular use. Marula oil is great for aging skin; you can just add a few drops to your own face wash. 


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3. Oils Actually Lessen Shine

If you struggle with oily skin, look for jojoba oil or beauty oil that contains it. The trick to reducing shine is application — always apply to a clean face and you’ll never need more than a few drops. 

4. Oils Calm Sensitive Skin

Concerned about redness and uneven skintone? There’s an oil for that. Chamomile oil naturally calms your skin. It not only helps reduce redness, but it can also be used to aid skin conditions such as eczema. 

5. Oils Not Just for Your Face

Don’t limit your oil use to your face! Body oil repairs damaged skin, leaving you with skin that both looks and feels soft. Use dry oil for your body. Dry oil sprays easily and is mess-free, making it perfect for large-scale application.

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