A Sensational Sleepover

Essential Shaving Tips For Smooth Skin

You're already the Goddess of Good Times at slumber parties, so why not be the Goddess of Great Advice for Beautiful Legs? Throw a slumber party with a twist: give your friends the inside scoop on how to shave.

A Sensational Sleepover

You're already the Goddess of Good Times at slumber parties, so why not be the Goddess of Great Advice for Beautiful Legs? Throw a slumber party with a twist: give your friends the inside scoop on how to shave.

Because, let’s face it: you’re growing up. You’ve got questions—and so do your friends—about everything from boys to beauty. So enjoy an evening in with your closest friends, sharing secrets, swapping stories and talking about the things that make you feel gorgeous!

Here are some helpful shaving tips and tricks you can discuss at your party.

Getting started

Before you bust out the sleeping bag and send the invites, clear the party with Mom first and make sure all your friends do the same.

Once you have her approval, do a little Q&A with your mom or big sister to gather their best advice on skin care and shaving. The truth: some of the best beauty advice comes from those two. Think about it; they’ve been reading fashion magazines and testing beauty products for years.

For more shaving tips or truths about shaving myths, check out Venus Beauty or read the Shaving Myths Debunked article. And, if you’re interested, read the Shaving Alternatives article to learn more about other hair removal methods.

Be the Goddess of great advice for beautiful legs

Get the party plans underway and send out the invites. Tell your friends to bring a special outfit that shows off smooth legs for a fashion show at the end of the night (with prizes!). Suggest they do some research around shaving by talking with their mom or big sister. And remind your friends to bring questions! The more questions, the more inside scoop you have to tell!

Don’t forget to include this shaving tip (just in case anyone needs to learn how to shave or needs a conversation starter for Mom):

How to Shave

  1. Use a new Venus razor. Not sure which razor is right for you? Check out all Venus Razors to find your perfect match.
  2. Lather up with shave gel. Why? It helps protect your skin against nicks and cuts. Plus, you can keep track of where you’ve shaved so you don’t miss any spots.
  3. Use a light touch. Pressing down too hard can actually cause nicks or cuts. And try a great razor like the Venus Embrace razor.
  4. Shave in the direction of hair growth and then against the grain to get the closest shave.

Remember, some of your friends may not be interested in shaving yet. That’s OK—it’s a personal choice! Let them know you still want them to come to the slumber party, and that there will be plenty of fun stuff to do—like painting nails, doing each other’s hair and putting on a fun fashion show.

Girls just want to have fun

Welcome everyone to your party with Goddess name tags (like Goddess of School Spirit or Goddess of Superb Style) and your favorite playlist. Enjoy some snacks, watch a movie and do all of the girly things that you like to do. But as an icebreaker to get the shaving conversation started, try busting a few shaving myths or using a quiz to show off your new-found shaving knowledge. If you want to make up your own quiz or icebreaker, check out Venus Beauty to get more ideas.

Here’s a quiz:

Q: How often should I shave?

a. Every day—it’s just part of what I do!

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b. Once or twice a week. All depends on my outfit.

c. Never. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s right for me.

A: As often as you need to—some girls shave every day and some only twice a week. It’s about what feels right for you and makes you feel confident and beautiful.

And a few myths:

Myth: It’s okay to shave without water if I’m in a hurry.

It’s not recommended! Water—and shave gel—is critical for a comfortable shave. It helps the razor glide over skin. If you’re in a hurry, try the ;Venus Breeze razor—with 2-in-1 shave gel bars, you can shave in one easy step.

Myth: Shaving makes hair grow back thicker, darker and faster.

A common tale, but not true! Shaving does not cause hair to grow back thicker, darker or faster. Hair regrowth is determined by your genetics and hormones. So why the persistent myth? As hair grows back, the blunt ends make it seem thicker. And most hair grows about a quarter-inch per month, which is a sign that your body is healthy and doing just what it's supposed to.

And keep up the chatter with some of these shaving FAQs:

Sharing razors? Yes, no or maybe? Probably not. Sharing razors, even with family, is not hygienic. Your mom can help you find the right razor and even show you how to shave your legs—all you need to do is ask!

Pressing hard will give me a closer shave. Not so! Putting too much pressure on your razor can cause nicks and cuts. Let a great razor like the Venus Embrace razor do the work for you. Keep the blades flat against your skin and use a light touch for a close shave.

How often should I change the razor blade? While there's no set rule, you should replace razor blades at the first sign of dullness or discomfort. For most girls, this is after about 5 – 10 shaves.

Reveal the Goddess in you: Work the runway

Now it’s time to show off those beautiful legs—get the fashion show started. Assign an order to each of your Venus Goddesses and have them go ‘backstage’ to primp. Then, blast the music and start working the runway. And, most importantly, have fun!

After the show is over, everyone gets to vote for best outfit, best legs and best runway walk—or whatever titles you choose! (Think best beach legs, sportiest legs—your options are endless.)

Say goodbye

You and all of your Goddess-worthy friends have shared a lot of stories and laughs—and a very memorable night. So when it’s all said and done, send out a Thank You that tells your friends how much you appreciate them and their fabulous style.

Shaving lessons learned

The most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone. Every girl has questions about growing up that go beyond shaving. So don’t be afraid to talk to your friends or anyone a little older that you trust (someone’s mom or big sister). They’re there to help and would love to put in their two cents (no matter what the subject). Being a teen can be tough, but shaving can be a great way to give yourself an added boost of confidence and leave you feeling and looking like the Venus Goddess you are!

Moisturizing the skin & having appropriate beauty routine is equally important as shaving for maintaining that baby soft skin. Check out 6 ways to use almond for flawless skin here at our blog.

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