7 Tips to Remove Hair from Your Chin!

Learn How To Remove Chin Hair With These 7 Tips

It isn’t abnormal for hair to grow on a woman’s chin. What would be abnormal is not removing chin hair.

If you’ve noticed more than a strand or two on your chin, then you must be suffering from Hirsutism. This is a condition that women dread because it causes abnormal hair growth on a woman's face as well as her body. It occurs when the body produces extra androgens or due to polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOD). In many cases, it is hereditary too. Whatever the reason be, there’s no need to fret because hair on the chin, like hair elsewhere on the body can be removed.

7 Tips on How to Remove Chin Hair Effortlessly

  1. If you’re undergoing laser hair removal or electrolysis then shaving is your best bet to remove chin hair while you’re in-between treatments. Use shaving cream and an aftershave if you’re going this route. Gillette Venus is a good razor to opt for as it has been specially designed to shave women’s hair!
  2. Hair removal creams are good because they break down hair instead of painfully taking it out from the root. That being said, these creams consist of strong chemicals and shouldn’t be used by those with sensitive skin.
  3. If you have just a few strands of hair then tweezers are ideal for chin hair removal.It takes merely seconds to take off the hair even if it is short. Not recommended if you have a bit of cleaning up to do though.
  4. If you’re not afraid of pain then epilators are for you. You can take hair out in a jiffy and the effects can last for several weeks.
  5. Threading is a great option because it is equally effective on all skin types. Also, it very sanitary because there is no usage of any chemicals. If you can find a threading salon in and around where you live, this one hits homerun.
  6. If the hair on your chin is fine, of medium length and barely noticeable then waxing is your best bet. Bear in mind that to use this technique the hair should be at least a quarter of an inch long. Best thing about waxing is that it can take off all the hair at once and you won’t need to worry about it returning for at least a month.
  7. Sugaring is a great option for women with sensitive skin as it uses only natural ingredients. If you have the time to make the paste then this technique is great because it isn’t as painful as waxing but is as effective.
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