Skincare Routine: 5 Habits you need to quit

Start Today: The five skincare habits you need to ditch

You may think you’re careful about skincare, but some surprising lifestyle and beauty habits could be causing damage. Here are the main culprits…

The Habit: Exfoliating too often

Why it’s bad

Removing the dead skin cells from your facial skin’s surface will make your complexion brighter and smoother. But over-exfoliating can strip it of the natural oils it needs to maintain your healthy glow. Plus, scrubbing away using harsh and abrasive formulations can actually damage your skin.

What to do about it

Exfoliate your skin just once a week to keep it healthy, using antioxidant exfoliants, which remove the dead skin without the need for scrubbing. If you prefer a scrub, avoid any that are overly abrasive – choose one with smooth, round granules rather than jagged, rough particles and be gentle to avoid irritation.

The Habit: Long, hot shower

Why it’s bad

When you wash your face in the sink you don’t use piping hot water, right? Well the same goes for a hot steamy shower, because it’s too harsh for your skin – all of it. It will actually strip away the outermost layer of the epidermis, your skin’s natural defense against dryness and irritation. This can cause scaly and dry skin, and exacerbate skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis. What’s more, purifying agents used to filter tap water can cause damaging build-up on skin.

What to do about it

Shower in water that’s body temperature warm rather than steamy hot. And invest in a showerhead filter to fight off dry skin and irritation caused by chlorine and other chemicals added to purify water.

The Habit: Scrimping on sleep

Why it’s bad

At night, your skin gets a chance to rest and shed its dead cells – so not getting enough sleep can result in dull skin and clogged pores. What’s more, while you’re in the deepest phase of sleep, growth hormones stimulate cell and tissue repair. Without enough of this important phase, the repair process of your skin slows down, leading to ageing effects like sagging and bagging.

What to do about it


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Getting the recommended eight hours of sleep a night will not only help you look refreshed, but it will also replenish and rehydrate your skin. Switch off all electronic devices an hour before bedtime to unwind and improve the quality of your rest. And don’t go more than two weeks without changing your pillowcase. Dead cells can build up over time, leaving behind bacteria and toxins that can affect your skin’s health. Finally, hydrate skin before bed with Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream . With an amino-peptide complex, it replenishes skin and promotes surface skin cell renewal throughout the night, so you’ll wake up looking lifted. 

The Habit: Skipping meals

Why it’s bad

You may feel too busy – or like you’re ‘being healthy’ – but if you skip meals or tend to yo-yo diet, your complexion will pay the price. Skin needs enough nutrients to stay fresh and healthy, so missing meals or certain food groups can cause it to age faster, lose its bloom and dry out more quickly. What’s more, frequent weight gain and loss can cause the fibers in your skin to loosen over time, causing sagging.

What to do about it

Forget fad diets and missing meals – stick to a healthy mix of protein (such as chicken or fish), healthy carbohydrates (think brown rice, rye bread and quinoa) and lots of vegetables at every meal. And try to include vitamins C (found in oranges and peppers), B3 (stock up on peanuts), E (in avocados) and A (sweet potatoes) as well as olive oil in your meals to build up your skin's health, radiance and elasticity. And drink plenty of water to keep it plump and dewy.

The Habit: Hidden hygiene issues

Why it’s bad

However scrupulous you are in your cleansing and moisturizing habits – hey, you probably even keep your make-up brushes and sponges clean! – bacteria can still end up on your face, leading to breakouts and rashes.  Your mobile phone, glasses and sunglasses collect grease, make-up and bacteria every time you touch or use them, which then gets transferred to your face.

What to do about it

Antibacterial wipes could damage the screen of your phone, so invest in a purpose-made cleaner for mobile phones, or use a 40/60 alcohol-to-water mix. Glasses and sunglasses can be cleaned with warm water and a dab of washing up liquid. Wash your hands frequently to limit the transfer of bacteria to your face. And most importantly – avoid using your phone in the bathroom!

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