4 Shaving Tips You Need This Summer

Shaving Tips For Women During Summers

Be prepared for summer fun in the sun with these 4 must-know shaving tips.

No matter how much you dare to bare this summer, you want your body to look and feel as smooth and silky as possible. But not all shaving techniques and products are the same. Learn the best tips for summer skincare and women's shaving with a little help from Venus.

A close shave will make you feel smooth and summer-ready. There are some excellent benefits to a careful shave, and tips and techniques to achieve enviable skin. Now, let’s get our shave on!

How To Get A Smooth Shave During Summers

1. Remove Dull Skin
Shaving removes more than just unwanted hair; it gets rid of dead skin cells, dry skin and unflattering flakes.

Before shaving, soak your skin in warm water and apply a rich and creamy shave gel such as Venus’ Satin Care Sensitive Skin. When you shave with a nice, sharp razor like the Venus Breeze, you’ll remove those pesky hairs along with any dry, dead skin you may have. This exfoliation is key to a healthy glow and fresh-looking skin.

2. Take Extra Care for Bikini Line
For super-sensitive spots like the bikini area, you need to take extra care. Soak a bit longer since these hairs are usually coarser than leg or other body hair. Be sure to hold the skin taut to your body to avoid painful snags and nicks. Shave against hair growth to shorten hairs, then with the direction of growth to get rid of any super-short hairs.


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Tip: To lock in moisture with a close shave, try the Venus & Olay razors. Check out essential shaving tips for women here.

Tip: Wait at least 24 hours before hitting the beach or pool, since your newly shaved area will be sensitive to the sun, salt and chlorine. Click here to get more hair removal tips.

3. Be Prepared
If you are away for the weekend or notice some missed stray hairs once you’re out in the sunshine, be proactive and have a disposable razor waiting in your beach bag. Venus Disposable razors are perfect for those last-minute touch-ups and leave your skin with a smooth close shave. Just be certain you prep skin as you would at home and clean your razor thoroughly if you plan to use it again before disposal.

4. Moisturize
Just as you prep skin before shaving, it’s important to follow up with proper rinsing and moisturizing. Post-shave, do a quick cold-water rinse to close pores. While your skin is still a bit damp, slather on Olay Total Effects Featherweight SPF Moisturizer. Your hair-free and moisturized skin is now ready for summertime.

Now that you are silky smooth, it’s time to show off your supple summer skin!

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