4 Mom-on-the-go Beauty Essentials

4 Mom-on-the-go Beauty Essentials

Discover the secret to creating a stylish and put together look on a busy schedule.

I'm fairly certain that "I'm a mom" and "I'm super busy" are synonymous. It's just go, go, go all the time. Between our job, household upkeep, errands, playdates and getting the kids to their 249 activities, it's truly a miracle that a mom can pull it together most days.

Here are my top mom-on-the-go beauty essentials for looking put together and stylish every day.

1. Ponytail Holders and Bobby Pins
I know, I know. A ponytail? How boring. Forget the ponytail, ladies! Try a topknot or some fun braids. Topknots are easier than you think.


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2. Light-reflecting Concealer
Do you have kids under 2? If so, are you getting great sleep every night? My guess is no. A light-reflecting concealer will instantly add brightness to dark under-eye circles, and possibly fool your friends and neighbors into thinking you get eight full hours of sleep each night.

3. Sunscreen
I have two words for you: park playdates. Be sure to liberally apply sunscreen to your face and neck every day. We’re already dealing with the under-eye circles, so we shouldprevent sun damage whenever possible.

4. Lip Gloss
A natural, rosy-pink gloss really adds a nice touch to your overall look. Keep it minimal, as not to transfer when your little ones give you a smooch.

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