10 Tips for a Younger Looking Neck

Avoid Turkey Neck & Neck Wrinkles With These 10 Tips

Too often we tend to focus our skincare regimen on our faces without realizing that our necks need attention and care too.

10 Tips for a Younger Looking Neck

When you leave your neck out of your beauty regimen you are inviting turkey neck i.e. saggy skin and neck wrinkles. These 10 tips should work wonders if you’re facing this issue:

  1. Neck massages should only be administered vertically by moving both palms from bottom to top; never the way around or using circular movements.
  2. While oils really help rejuvenate your neck skin take care to not use oils that are too heavy. Olive, chamomile, sweet almond, rose and eucalyptus oil all work perfectly.
  3. Don’t overdo neck massages; ideally a massage should not last longer than 10 minutes else you will risk straining your neck.
  4. Use fruits like plums, apples and ripe bananas to make neck masks; your skin will feel fresh and look brand new.
  5. Remember to wash off all fruit packs applied to your neck before they dry.
  6. Know the right position when you’re getting a neck massage. If you’re trying to relieve neck pain then opt for a sitting position but if you are taking polishing treatment it’s best to lie one your stomach.
  7. Exfoliate often to get rid of dead skin cells and post exfoliation moisturize with a nourishing cream like Olay Natural White 7 IN ONE Night Nourishing Repair Cream.
  8. Don’t use any harsh soaps on your neck. Use a shower gel with a balanced PH.
  9. Use a toner on your neck and also a sunscreen with a good SPF.
  10. Always remove the makeup on your neck when you’re taking it off your face.
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