10 Skin Care Tips for Your New Tattoo

10 Essential Tattoo Care Tips You Should Follow Diligently

Getting a tattoo is a big decision. Once you’ve got yourself the lovely body art, you need to follow a basic skin care regimen to make sure the tattoo turns out as beautiful as you imagined it.

You got a tattoo! Wow. If it’s your first, you must be absolutely amazed. If you’ve got yourself inked before, it’s still amazing because each tattoo tells a different story.
But a word of caution. Tattoos, while still fresh, are prone to infections. And what was supposed to be a beautiful piece of art can turn into disaster.
A little post tattoo care will help you maintain the design and you will have the body art that you always wanted. Here are the top 10 tattoo aftercare tips that you must carefully note before you step into the tattoo parlour.

Our Top 10 Tattoo Care Tips:

#1 Don’t peek

After the tattoo is done, the tattoo artist will cover it with a cling wrap. Do not open or peel it back ‘just for a look’ for at least two hours, or more, depending on what the parlour has instructed you.

#2 Don't over-wash

After you remove the wrap, wash your tattoo very gently using a mild, fragrance-free and alcohol-free soap or hand wash. Do not wash very thoroughly to try and remove blood, ointment or ink.

#3 Be gentle

Gently shake off excess water and pat it dry. Do not rub, and do not use a towel

#4 Moisturise

Use a gentle body cream and apply a thin layer all over the tattoo. The amount shouldn’t be in excess. You should be able to see the tattoo clearly and it should just get a shine. Gently wipe off extra cream. Do not massage it in the way you usually do when you apply cream. Olay Moisturizing Lotion is good option to moisturise your tattooed skin.


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#5 Wrap it up

Wrap the tattoo with cling wrap again. Make sure you have got enough from the tattoo parlour or keep a stock ready at home before you leave to get the tattoo.

#6 Shower with care

Leave the wrap on when you shower later that evening and for the next few days. Direct contact with a stream of water, however gentle, can affect the tattoo and mess it up.

#7 Cream. Cream. More cream.

From the fourth day onwards gently apply body cream every two hours for two weeks. The tattoo will start to gleam and get a life of its own.

#8 Hands off

Whatever happens, keep dirty hands and nails off the tattoo for at least 2-3 weeks. Wear loose clothes that don’t constrict the tattoo. And yes, sorry, but stay away from the gym and the swimming pool for at least 2-3 weeks.

#9 Stay out of the sun

While the tattoo is still healing, stay out of the sun. Avoid any direct exposure on the tattoo. Once the tattoo has healed, you can use a sun-block when you step out.

#10 Be patient

Tattoo healing takes time. Be patient. It depends on how your body heals usually and which part of your body was inked. If you follow the care tips diligently, you can expect the tattoo to heal completely in 2-3 weeks.
Caring for a tattoo isn’t all that difficult as we made it out in the beginning, but it is a very important part of the design process. Follow these steps properly and you will make a gorgeous statement to the world very soon.

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