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10 Anti-Acne Tips Every Woman Must Know

Bad news: acne does not always disappear at the end of adolescence. Many adults regularly see unsightly spots appear. Good news: these ten tips can help you control your acne.

1. Sleep more.

Your skin regenerates while you sleep. So go to bed! So that your body can do the work.


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2. Defend yourself.

Use benzoyl peroxide-based products. This substance kills bacteria. Ask your pharmacist for advice.

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3. Treat inflammation.

If you have lots of inflammation, your doctor can prescribe antibiotics or even cortisone to prevent red, swollen acne.

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4. Act.

Put an ice cube on the infected area for thirty seconds. Then put a cotton ball soaked in eye drops on it an press gently for three minutes. The combined action of the ice and the drops will contract the small blood vessels under the skin so that there is less redness and irritation.

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5. Camouflage.

If you have acne on your forehead, wear a fringe to conceal them.

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6. Makeup.

To cover an acne outbreak, it's not helpful to wear many layers of makeup. Opt for a mattifying gel, a foundation, a concealer (applied with a brush) and a powder with a slightly yellowish shade.

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7. Stop!

Never pick your acne. Never. Never!

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8. Remember that you are the only one who worries about them.

It is highly probable that most of the people you meet don't even notice your acne. So avoid attracting their attention by saying: "I have a horrible zit. I look awful. Don't look at me!"

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9. Analyze your diet.

Do you know that eating dairy products can cause acne outbreaks? Do you eat enough foods rich in vitamin A, such as peppers, carrots and tomatoes? To stop your acne for good, it is sometimes useful to consult a dietician.

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10. Smile.

Your family still love you in spite of your acne, right?

Also, check out how to get rid of red spots & patches on skin caused due to acne here at our blog.

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I follow most of these tips then Also no Good result :)

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nice tips,,, from today i will try to follow them

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