10 Home Remedies To Counter Effects Of Winter On Your Skin

The skin care regimen you use for the rest of the year won’t work in winter. This season demands some extra care.

Come winter and you will notice the skin on your palms peeling off.  Your lips get chapped and dryness takes over your skin. While this is especially a good time to take a walk outside it isn’t the best time for your skin. But don’t let that dampen your winter glow.  Skin care in winter is easy if you know how, and we’re here to tell you how.

1. Use Lukewarm Water

While hot showers feel like bliss in the winters you’d do much better to opt for lukewarm water. It won’t strip away the essential oils from your skin.

2. Moisturize Often and After a Bath

While it’s no mystery that moisturizer is your skin’s best friend in winter, the secret to keeping your skin moist and soft is to moisturize after a bath. Your skin retains the dampness better. This is important for dry skin care in winter.

3. Be Picky About Your Moisturizer

You should stay away from moisturizers that contain petroleum jelly and opt, instead, for ones that comprise natural ingredients. Another thing to keep in mind is that an oil-based moisturizer will help your skin retain moisture way better than its water-based counterpart.

4. Stay Protected

While we all enjoy that winter nip, it dries your skin. If you want to help your skin, protect it with scarves, gloves and the like. Also, people tend to stop their sunscreen regime just because its winter. Please remember that winter sun can damage your skin too; one of those lesser known but very important winter skin care tips.

5. Humidifiers over Heaters.

Places in the north of India get pretty cold and people end up installing heating systems. While these systems keep you toasty, they do dry out the air. You’d do your skin a lot more good by installing a humidifier. Not only will it keep you warm but it will keep your skin moist too.

6. Stay Hydrated

Winters have a psychological effect on us; one that makes us want to drink less water and consume more hot beverages. However, this will only make it easier for the winter to dry your skin. Hydration is essential for the wellbeing of your skin all year round. So, drink enough water.

7. Exfoliation is Essential

Remember, if you have a lot of dead cells, moisture is going to have a tough time finding its way into your skin. Whether you exfoliate with body washes or masks, make sure to do it.

8.  Inner Hydration

Don’t just moisturize; it is essential to also give your skin inner hydration. Which means, you should be eating fruits like watermelons and apples and vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes, which are rich in natural water content. An omega-3 supplement would also be a good addition to your diet.

9. Use the Right Cleanser

Most cleansers dry skin with a vengeance. Which is why, you should opt for one that is hydrating; a cleansing balm will also work. An important precaution to take here is to cover up your skin a few seconds after cleansing. This will keep dehydration at bay and help your skin retain moisture.

10. Make Your Masks

Yogurt, olive oil, honey, bananas, aloe and avocados can all be found in your kitchen. Just mix them up, basis availability, and make a mask or cream. Apply on your skin and let the nourishing mask sit for approx. 30 minutes before you wash it off.

Now, the cold will caress your skin, not dry it! Also, check out 5 homemade winter face pack recipes to prevent your skin from drying out this winter here.

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